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The 'Gold Standard' in machinery for generations of woodworkers

In 1921, Leonard F. Smith Sr., a lumberman in McMinnville, Tennessee, began building his own planer rather than simply buying one. The machine he developed impacted his lumber business so much that soon offers began coming in to buy his planer. As the demand for the planers grew Mr. Smith left the lumber business and in 1928, launched a tool manufacturing company he named Powermatic. The company passed to Mr. Smith's sons who expanded the business and built their own 50,000 square-foot foundry in order to ensure the quality and precision of their castings. The Smith brothers sold the business in 1966 but Powermatic continued to operate locally.

Today, Powermatic produces machines that are consistently rated as one of the top brands due to their precise engineering and high quality. The care, attention to detail, and innovation produce machines of generational longevity.

The Powermatic line has expanded to include lathes, table saws, bandsaws, CNC, dovetail machines, drill presses, dust collectors, planers and more. The Powermatic machines are the workhorses of the woodworking shop and never fail to deliver.

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Powermatic 54A 6" Straight Knife Jointer with Quick Set Knives
  • $ 1,199.99
Powermatic 54HH 6" Helical Head Jointer
  • $ 1,599.99
Powermatic 60C 8" Jointer with Straight Knifes
  • $ 1,999.99
Powermatic 60HH 8" Helical Head Jointer
  • $ 2,499.99
Powermatic PJ882 8" Parallelogram Straight Knife Jointer
  • $ 2,599.99
Powermatic PJ822HH 8" Parallelogram Helical Head Jointer
  • $ 3,199.99
Powermatic 1285 12" Straight Knife Jointer
Powermatic 1285 12" Straight Knife Jointer
  • $ 5,599.99
Powermatic 1285 12" Helical Head Jointer
Powermatic 1285 12" Helical Head Jointer
  • $ 6,999.99
Powermatic PJ1696 16" Helical Head Jointer
  • $ 8,599.99