Powermatic 12" Parallelogram Helical Cutterhead Jointer with ArmorGlide 3hp, 1PH, 230V

$ 9,499.99

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Now featuring ArmorGlide Technology, the Powermatic 1285T 12-Inch Jointer offers big capacity and performance in a machine loaded with features. A large center-mounted fence assembly adjusts easily by a rack and pinion system with ram lock. Preset stops on the fence body allow for fast angle set-up at 45° in and out, and a positive stop for perfect 90° angles. 

The parallelogram design keeps the table in close proximity to the cutterhead for improved finish and allows for a fast depth of cut adjustment. This design also ensures the tables remain perfectly parallel even after years of tough duty. This model features a helical cutterhead.

ArmorGlide Technology pros:

  • Enhanced visibility: The dark surface reduces glare, so you can see where you're cutting better.
  • Rust resistant: Ditch the steel wool and never worry about rust again.
  • Low friction: Coated tables require 50% less force, so you get more control.
  • Maintenance-free: Get rid of the waxes and messy cleaning supplies, so you can do more of what you love.
  • Durable coating: ArmorGlide tables can withstand 250,000 passes without showing signs of wear.

  • ArmorGlide Technology gives you a low-friction, industrial-grade coating on the work surface that is rust resistant, requires less maintenance, and gives you more control
  • Helical cutterhead features 42 two-sided carbide inserts for fast knife changes with no adjustments and a quiet, clean cut
  • Large 12" x 84" precision ground cast iron table surface for heavy-duty work
  • Parallelogram design ensures close table-to-cutterhead proximity and fast depth of cut adjustments
  • Rack and pinion adjustable cast iron fence assembly allows for smooth fence positioning without play
  • Table "lips" on both sides of cutterhead aid in noise reduction

Cutterhead speed: 5,000 RPM
Cutting capacity (W x D): 11-3/4" x 3/4"
Motor power: 3hp
Motor voltage: 230V
# of knives: 44
Dust port outside dia.: 4"
Min. dust collection: 800 CFM
Rec. circuit size: 30 Amps


SKU: PM1-1791307T

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