Powermatic 54HH 6" Helical Head Jointer

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Creating flat, straight surfaces is crucial in the quest to build elegant projects. Virtually all forms of joinery and the tools that cut them depend on straight edges and square cuts. The Powermatic 54HH 6” Jointer makes it easy to achieve the high levels of accuracy you need in this always-crucial operation.

The 1 HP, 1Ph, 115/230V motor (pre-wired 115V) is factory-mounted within the base cabinet and can be converted to use 230V power should that be desirable. The motor is on a special mount within the base cabinet that allows the user to adjust belt tension should that become necessary. The base also contains the dust collection chute that evacuates debris from below the cutterhead. The chute guides that debris to the exterior 4” diameter port near the floor.

There are many cutterhead designs that carry the helical moniker, including simple straight blades broken into segments and dispersed around the cutterhead cylinder. However, despite the name, they retain many of the liabilities of the long blade designs. Powermatic incorporates the performance of a true segmented, shear-cutting helical head.

The helical cutterhead is so effective because its carbide inserts are arranged in spiral-shaped rows. The inserts have a 4” radius ground into them and are mounted so they approach the wood at a 14° angle. That creates a true shear cut that eliminates much of the impact and the resulting fiber disturbance other cutterhead designs deliver to the wood.

Because the inserts themselves and the seats into which they fit are so precisely machined, there is no adjustment or “fitting” necessary. Indexing or replacing an insert takes just seconds. Simply loosen its retaining screw, turn the insert to its new position and tighten the screw.

At 7-1/4” wide and 66” long, the cast iron Powermatic 54HH Jointer table is one of the longest available in this class and provides plenty of support for even large work pieces. The tables are precision-ground to insure flatness and each is mounted on dovetailed ways that keep them perfectly aligned through height changes.

The all cast iron 4” tall by 38” long fence system is, like the tables, precisely ground to assure straightness. The fence tilts up to 45° towards and away from the tables. Fully adjustable stops at 90° (vertical) and each 45° position make setup fast and help keep the 54HH accurate with minimal maintenance.

The Powermatic 54HH Jointer has been designed and built to make your wood straightening tasks easy and accurate. The heavy duty construction and materials mean that this machine will remain an important part of your woodworking shop for many years to come.

Want to make your jointer mobile? Order the compatible Mobile Base here.

  • 66" long adjustable infeed and outfeed tables provide more working surface
  • Enlarged sheet metal stand provides a sturdy base
  • Extra-long 38" two-way tilting fence with positive stops provides quick positioning for 90° or bevel cuts
  • Fence controls are center mounted for convenience
  • Durable carbide cutters combined with low impact, shear cutting action means the inserts have an extremely long life
  • Fine/quick adjustment lever on infeed table for precision cuts
  • Outfeed table height can be adjusted via handwheel
  • Infeed table height adjusted using a unique lever system
  • Helical cutterhead with 40 four sided carbide inserts provides smoother, quieter cutting and finer finish than conventional systems
  • Push button switch is lockable to prevent accidental starting

Cutterhead Diameter: 2-1/2"
Cutterhead Speed (RPM): 6,000
Cutting Capacity (W x D): 6 x 1/2
Table Dimensions (L x W): 66" x 7-1/4"
Fence Dimensions (L x H): 38" x 4"
Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM): 450
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Infeed Table Length: 32-1/2"
Motor Amps: 13/6.5
Motor Phase: 1
Motor Power (HP): 1
Motor Voltage (V.): 115/230
Number of Knives: 40
Prewired Voltage (V.): 115
Type of Cutterhead: HELICAL


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