SuperMax 19" Drum Sander Abrasive Wraps (3 Pack)

$ 44.99

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Fits 19" SuperMax Drum Sanders. These tapered abrasive wraps are pre-cut and ready to be installed on your sander. 

Choose your grit from the drop-down menu.

Includes 3 wraps of the same grit per box (expect for the assortment pack that includes one of each grit listed). 

Abrasive selection guide:

36 Grit: Abrasive planing, surfacing rough-sawn boards, paint and glue removal, maximum stock removal

60 Grit: Surfacing and dimensioning boards, trueing warped boards

80 Grit: Surfacing, light dimensioning, removing planer ripples

100 Grit: Light surfacing, removing planer ripples

120 Grit: Light surfacing, minimal stock removal

150 Grit: Finish sanding, minimal stock removal

180 Grit: Finish sanding only, not for stock removal

220 Grit: Finish sanding only, not for stock removal

SKU: 60-19-036

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Hanson

I was totally surprised that precut Supermax sandpaper made specifically for the Supermax 19-38 did not fit. It was too long and had to be cut to the correct size! I tried all 3 rolls in the box and they were all the same. When I held it up against the factory installed piece that came with the sander I confirmed they were all too long. Needless to say I am very disappointed.

Jeff, I'm sorry to hear your abrasive wraps did not fit properly. This is not an issue we have run into before so we will be contacting you for more information and to make things right.