SuperMax 22" Drum Sander Abrasive Wraps (3-Pack)

$ 44.99

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Fits standard 22" drum sanders from Performax and JET.  These tapered abrasive wraps are pre-cut and ready to be installed on your sander. 

Choose your grit from the drop-down menu.

Includes 3 wraps of the same grit per box. 

Abrasive selection guide:

36 Grit: Abrasive planing, surfacing rough-sawn boards, paint and glue removal, maximum stock removal

60 Grit: Surfacing and dimensioning boards, trueing warped boards

80 Grit: Surfacing, light dimensioning, removing planer ripples

100 Grit: Light surfacing, removing planer ripples

120 Grit: Light surfacing, minimal stock removal

150 Grit: Finish sanding, minimal stock removal

180 Grit: Finish sanding only, not for stock removal

220 Grit: Finish sanding only, not for stock removal

SKU: 60-4036