Lamello #20 Biscuits

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Lamello original joining biscuits are the proven solution for wood joints. The perfect fit demonstrates its value from the very start, when the biscuits are easily inserted into the groove and remain in place even when the work piece is turned.

The success of the Lamello biscuit comes from its production. Each biscuit is made of locally sourced timber, allowing for short transport routes to ensure the wood is fresh. After being processed and cut, biscuits are gently dried for dimensional stability, meaning they will resist any change in its dimensions caused by a change in environment, or by being stretched or compressed. The thickness of each biscuit is continuously monitored to ensure they are all uniform in size - making it the “biscuit that always fits!”

Also available in #0 and #10 biscuits.

    • Sustainable wood management: Only wood from the region around the company’s head office in Bubendorf are used to produce the biscuits
    • Tried and tested joining system: Right from when the biscuit was invented in 1955, the Lamello system has been indispensable for connecting panel materials 
    • Versatile: A cutting principle for many different joining elements
    • Recessed, embossed glue surfaces for optimal glue distribution and strong, glued connections
    • Rounded, smooth edges for easy insertion into the groove

    Dimensions: 56 x 23 x 4 mm
    Cutter: ø 100 x 4 x 22
    Material: Beech

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    James Losacker
    Lamello #20 biscuits

    So far I have only used a few of the biscuits they do seem to fit the slot very nicely not a lot of broken and damaged biscuits in the box.