Lamello Classic X Biscuit Joiner

$ 800

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Classic X is the original biscuit joiner from the inventor of the Lamello System. The proven and well-designed Classic X is fast and versatile in its use and the basis for the wide range of connectors with fixed, self-clamping, and detachable solutions.

Precision in every component leads to perfect accuracy of workpieces and saves you time. The multifunctional stop square allows perfect miters by applying them on the exterior surface and stabilizing the machine in a vertical position.

The updated Classic X now has the following advantages:

  • More powerful 850W motor
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Weight reduction of 7%

Available in Systainer or cardboard box.

Don't forget your biscuits and cutters!

    • Base plate with improved visibility of the angle scale and the height setting
    • The base plate, swiveling front stop, and stop square are now flush on both sides for efficient positioning on the workpiece
    • Precision-machined guide and application surfaces for perfect fit of the workpieces
    • Multifunctional stop square for vertical stability as well as perfect miters due to the application on the outer surface for 22.5 and 45° angles
    • A single power tool for 10 different connectors offering fixed and detachable connections
    • No tool change is required for 9 different connectors
    • Lateral tolerance allows for faster working without positioning aids and stops
    • Avoid errors when adjusting the cutting depth since both workpieces have the same groove depth
    • Proven cutting principle with a disc cutter ensures that the grooves are always parallel and precise, even in the case of knots or rapid working

    Power: 850 W
    Voltage: 120V or 230V
    Speed: 10,000 RPM
    Cutter: Carbide-tipped cutter 100 x 4 x 22 mm
    Teeth: 6 alternate teeth
    Max. cutting depth: 20 mm
    Weight: 6.4 lbs.

    • Classic X
    • Carbide tipped cutter
    • 36 mm Suction stub
    • Stop square
    • 4 mm Spacer
    • Tool set

    SKU: 101600S

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