Laguna 14|BX Band Saw 1.75hp, 1PH, 110V

$ 1,999

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Add versatility to your workshop with an industrial-grade bandsaw machine from Laguna Tools. Their bandsaws deliver serious cutting power, allowing you to make both straight and angled cuts effectively. Whether you are cutting irregular, complex shapes or simply resawing wood to create thinner slabs, these machines are exceptionally dependable with the capability to complete nearly endless tasks.

Most blade guide systems are designed to support the blade on the sides, and then either above or below the side guides to support the back of the blade. This forces the blade to twist as pressure from the wood being cut is transferred to the back blade guide. Laguna Guides solve this problem by supporting the blade on the sides above and below the back blade guide. By eliminating all blade twist, the Laguna Guide gives the blade unsurpassed stability. 

The Laguna Guide System utilizes 10 points of contact, 4 more than traditional guide systems. It features "Space Age" ceramic guide blocks as both side and thrust support. This enables the ceramic piece to gently touch the side of the blade, on all three sides without heat build-up, therefore giving stability, which has never been achieved before. 

Main differences from 14|12:

  • Weight increased
  • Solid one-piece Frame
  • Frame is heavier Gauge
  • Magnetic On/Off Switch
  • Disc-Brake w/ Micro-Switch
  • Dual light mounting positions

Add the optional 14|BX Wheel System and make your band saw mobile!

Optional Blades:

  • Resaw KingCarbide-tipped resaw blades. The carbide tips outlast standard blades many times over and can be re-sharpened. The profile of the carbide tipped teeth is optimized to provide a thin kerf and smooth finish cuts in woods. A 3/4" blade width is recommended for resawing on the 14|CX Band Saw.
  • Pro-Force BladesSwedish silicon steel blades with heat-treated teeth and rear surface (on wider blades). The Pro-Force Blades out perform standard carbon steel blades. These blades are available in a wide range of widths and TPI. The narrowest blades are used for tight curved work. The medium widths are perfect for gentle curves, light weight straight cuts, and general purpose work. Higher tooth counts provide smoother cuts and are required for thinner stock. Lower tooth counts provide faster cutting, rougher surface, and are better for thicker stock.

Note: Blade is not included. Check out our selection of band saw blades here.

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  • 12” Resaw
  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Dual Light Mount
  • Pyramid-Shaped Spine
  • Quick Release Tension
  • Magnetic Blade Guard
  • Laguna Ceramic Guides
  • Hi/Low aluminum Fence
  • Worm Gear Rack & Pinion

Motor voltage/HP: 110V / 1-3/4hp
Breaker: 15 amp
Height: 5.9ft. (70.5”)
Cast iron table: 21-1/2” X 16” (406.4 mm x 546 mm)
Table Height: 38” (965 mm)
Table tilt: -7° + 45°
Resaw capacity: 12” 
Min. blade length: 114 3/4" (2,914 mm)
Max. blade length: 116” (2,946 mm)
Min. blade width: 1/8” (3 mm)
Max. blade width: 3/4” (19 mm)
Height: 5.9ft. (70.5”)
Dust collection: 2 x 4" ports
Machine dimensions (W x D): 29-3/4" x 26-7/8" (755 mm x 683 mm) 
Net weight: 260 lbs. (118 kg)


SKU: MBAND14BX110-175