General Finishes Enduro White Poly Water-Based Topcoat - Quart (Satin)

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Enduro White Poly is a professional high-solids, pigmented water-based wood finish engineered for cabinets and millwork. It is formulated to spray from the can without having to thin and builds quickly. Suitable for fiberglass, MDF, and all woods.

White Poly is a PFAS-free coating, and as General Finishes strives for a cleaner and healthier environment, all future product development will be free of “Forever Chemicals." Use over General Finishes Stain Blocker. White and Clear can be used as tint bases to achieve most standard paint deck colors.

Don't forget sandpaper!

Note: Do not use any type of clear topcoat over GF White Poly, as it may cause yellowing.


Sheen: Satin
Tint-able?: Yes
Interior/Exterior: Interior only
Coats: 3
Application method: Spray
Spray tip size: HVLP 1.3 mm - 1.5 mm
Dry time (touch): 30+ min.
Dry time (recoat): 2+ hr.
Dry time (light use): 7-10 days
Dry time (cure): 21 days @ 70°F, 50% humidity
Thin with: Water, GF Extender
Coverage: 112.5 sq. ft. per quart
Viscosity: Medium
Viscosity (cPs): 600-800


Raw Wood

  1. Sand with 120-grit sandpaper, followed by 150 or 220-grit.
  2. Remove dust.

Sealed Surface

  1. Scuff clean with a non-woven abrasive pad & 50:50 mix of denatured alcohol & water.
  2. Dry 1-2 hours.
  3. Sand lightly with 220-320-grit sanding sponge.
  4. Remove dust.
  1. Wear a mask and work in a ventilated space.
  2. Before spraying, strain through a fine-mesh filter. Spray wet films at 3-5-mil thickness. Medium air cap. Compressed air: .040, HVLP: .043 -.051 or Airless: .1 -.15.
  3. Keep your gun at a 90° angle, 6-8" from the surface. On large, flat areas, use wet, even patterns 6-8" wide. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 2-3" wide to reduce overspray.
  4. Overlap each pass 25% to conceal lines.
  5. If a faster build is desired over raw wood, use General Finishes Sanding Sealer for the first coat, followed by 2 coats of White Poly.
  6. Dry time is based on ideal conditions: 70°F/21°C; 50% humidity. Tack free 5-10 minutes. Ready to sand 30-45 minutes. Recoat in 1-2 hours. Be sure to allow adequate dry time. You can tell if a water-based finish is dry if it forms a powder when lightly sanded with a 220-320 sanding sponge. If in doubt, wait longer. Rushing the dry time can cause "blush," which is clouding in the finish due to moisture trapped between the layers.
  7. Finish sand between coats with a 220-320 sanding sponge to improve smoothness and adhesion.
  8. Remove dust with a vacuum, compressed air, an oil-free tack cloth or a water-dampened rag.

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