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MICROJIG woodworking tools are designed to let creativity guide your work, not your limitations. They allow you to achieve incredible precision easily, and safely, which makes woodworking more enjoyable. Looking at an ancient craft in a whole new way, and Microjig is changing the way people work with wood.

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Microjig ZEROPLAY Guide Bar - Microjig - OakTree Supplies - 1
Microjig ZEROPLAY Guide Bar
  • From $ 6.95
MicroJig Matchfit Dovetail Track Nut 4-Pack
  • $ 9.95
MicroJig Matchfit Dovetail Hardware Variety Pack
  • $ 12.00
MicroJig Matchfit 1" Dovetail Track Screw 4-Pack
  • $ 9.95
MicroJig Matchfit 1.5" Dovetail Track Screw 4-Pack
  • $ 9.95