Oneway Wolverine Skew Grinding Attachment

$ 34.44

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Designed for use with the Wolverine Grinding Jig.

One reason that the skew leaves such an incredible finish on work pieces is its very thin edge which leaves naturally cleaner cuts. This creates a problem sharpening the skew as this thin edge will easily fold over during grinding. Oneway’s Skew Grinding Attachment minimizes this problem by allowing the skew to be mechanically held. The unique offset handle position actually reduces the hollow grind generated and leaves a stronger more predictable tool.

  • When the handle of the skew is placed in the pocket, the cutting edge becomes square to the sharpening wheel, helping the bevel to flatten itself out.
  • Unique offset handle position helps to create a stronger and more predictable tool.
  • Durable metal construction.
SKU: 2690