SCM Minimax CU 300C - Xylent Full Combination Machine - 5.5' Slider

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SCM's most popular combination machine for years sets the bar higher than any other manufacturer. This machine has proven itself in American shops countrywide. It boasts a 5.5’ sliding table and has features normally found on much more expensive machines for a fraction of the cost. See for yourself why the Minimax CU 300C Combination Machine is the perfect solution for people who want quality equipment with a small machine footprint.

This machine comes standard with scoring. This allows you to not only accurately cut panels, but you can cleanly cut them too. This is important when cutting particle board, melamine, laminated panels, or anything else to which you want to apply some type of edge banding. If you are cutting solid wood, simply drop it below the table surface independently of the main blade. A 12” main blade capacity is featured without having to remove the scoring blade. 

The separate miter gauge allows the user to keep the main crosscut fence at 90° and use the separate miter gauge to do the angled cuts, saving time when mitering small panels. The CU 300C also comes with a 4-speed shaper as standard equipment. The spindle is 1.25” diameter, and is interchangeable to allow for spindles of different sizes. You can easily use the Shaper in conjunction with the slider for a more versatile machine. Reversing is also standard.

This Italian-made machine features a Xylent spiral cutterhead developed by SCM. The attack angle and shape of the solid carbide knives on the Xylent cutterhead get the best finish with the least amount of "ghosting" found on other spiral heads. Since the Xylent cutterhead shears at an angle instead of head-on, less rippling patterns are left behind on workpieces. Much smaller shavings are produced, which greatly improve dust extraction. The Xylent cutterhead is also significantly quieter than other cutterheads.

A separate heavy-duty jointer fence is included, which mounts to a cast-iron knuckle and tilts up to 45°. This machine comes standard with a feature which allows you to use the post from the eccentric clamp to extend the ripping capacity of the sliding table saw of up to 32”.

The Minimax CU 300C also comes standard with a cast-iron mortiser. The mortiser has vertical and horizontal movement with positive stops. A separate post is supplied to mount the eccentric clamp to secure your material. It also comes with a Wescott Self-Centering chuck. The Minimax CU 300C comes standard with a mobility kit so that you can easily maneuver it into tight spaces. As heavy as it is, it is quite nimble.

Also available with a Tersa cutterhead.

  • Incredible cutting of both very thick solid wood and panels, even those veneered, thanks to the saw unit with a blade that has a maximum diameter of 315 mm that grants a 100 mm cutting height with the scoring blade installed
  • Equipped with a saw-planer multifunction fence, designed to be easily positioned and removed to allow rapid work changeover
  • Cast-iron structure
  • Closed off by a cast iron “cup” to protect mechanical components inside the machine from sawdust, shavings, and dirt
  • Handwheel with gravitational numerical readout
  • Belt driven scoring unit allows for tool-less adjustments outside the machine
  • Precise and safe machining with the spindle moulder fence with micrometric adjustment complete with vertical and horizontal pressers
  • Quick changeover thanks to the unique dual dust hood design in which you don’t have to drop the planer table all the way down to switch to a jointer and vice versa
  • Dado set capability (blade not included)
  • Workpieces with a maximum height of 230 mm can be machined to the thicknesser
  • Planer unit in the standard version has a 72 mm diameter cutter block with 3 knives
  • Heavy outrigger mounts to the sliding table for processing large piece
  • Jointer tables open up away from the operator, and they open together making planing operations much easier
  • Pressure of the thicknesser feed rollers can be adjusted according to the type of wood machined
  • Rip fence is attached to the jointer table so that it does not disrupt the flow of material through the planer
  • Sandblasted steel outfeed roller maintains the perfect post-machining finish.
  • The design of the dust conveyor, protecting the cutter block, is specifically intended to further increase system safety and efficiency
  • Made in Italy

Electrical: 230V
Horsepower: 4.8hp
Recommended Circuit: 30 amp
Min. dust extraction volume: 600 CFM
Net weight: 1,400 lbs.

Working width: 12"
Total jointer table length: 59" (1510 mm)
Cutterhead speed: 5,200 RPM
Max. depth of cut: 0.125"
Fence size/tilt: 6" x 51" / 0° - 45°

Table size: 12" x 22.25"
Max. working thickness: 9"
Min. working thickness: 0.125"
Max. stock removal: 1/8"
Feed speed: 23 fpm

Table Saw
Sliding stroke length: 5.5' (1600 mm)
Max. blade dia. w/ scoring blade in place: 12" x 5/8"
Scoring blade dia.: 80 mm x 20 mm
Max. depth of cut: 3.75"
Rip capacity: 32"

Spindle size: 1.25"
Capacity, under-the-nut: 3.5"
Spindle speeds (RPM): 1,700 / 4,000 / 7,000 / 9,000
Max. tooling dia.: Shaping/Tenoning: 8.25" / 10.5625"

Worktable dimensions: 18.5" x 9.1" (470 x 230 mm)
Exhaust hood dia.: 4.7" (120 mm)
Chuck: 0.6" (16 mm)
X stroke: 6.3" (160 mm)
Y stroke: 4.7" (120 mm)
Z stroke: 4.3" (110 mm)

  • (3) Independent 4.8HP (single-phase, 230 V) motors
  • (2) Extra handwheels
  • Extruded anodized aluminum sliding table on high precision hardened steel guideways
  • Squaring frame complete with telescopic fence with 2 crosscut flip-over stops, eccentric clamp, and swinging arm support
  • Saw unit with 315 mm max. blade diameter
  • 80 mm scoring blade
  • Additional table on sliding table
  • Miter gauge with flip-over stops
  • Adjustable spindle moulder fence with micrometric adjustment complete with vertical and horizontal pressers
  • Integrated fence for parallel cuts and surface planing
  • Mobility kit

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