Powermatic PJ882 8" Parallelogram Straight Knife Jointer

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When you require the ultimate in accuracy, capacity and user-friendly features, the PJ-882HH 8" Parallelogram Jointer fits the bill – and then some.

The fully welded, all steel base cabinet provides a solid platform for the Jointer, as well as houses the motor and its adjustable mount for adjusting belt tension when necessary. A door on the rear of the base cabinet provides ample access to the motor and its mount. All of the wiring and electronic components are also housed within the base cabinet, including the magnetic starter.

Also contained within the base cabinet is an effective dust evacuation chute. The chute runs from under the cutterhead to a 4” diameter outlet fitting located near the floor on the end of the base cabinet. Positioning the dust outlet low on the base helps to keep the hose flat on the floor to be less of a trip hazard. This position also creates a more direct path that enhances evacuation of the substantial amount of chips and dust that the PJ-882HH 8" Parallelogram Jointer is capable of creating.

For a jointer to straighten wood accurately, the infeed and outfeed tables must be perfectly aligned with each other side-to-side and front-to-back. The tables on the PJ882HH have been accurately aligned at the factory but they could possibly need adjustment in the future. To make those once complicated adjustments much easier, there are built-in special cams, two on the front and two on the rear of each table. These cams allow the user to correct this alignment should that become necessary and do it quickly saving time and money.

The fully adjustable fence system makes high precision bevel cuts easy. The cast iron fence is supported by large iron components that assure stability and truly accurate cuts at any angle. The fence even has a special non-mar insert that allows it to glide over the cast iron table smoothly without leaving annoying scratches.

The PJ-882 is equipped with the controlled chip three knife cutterhead. To make aligning the knives easy, a jack screw system allows making tiny adjustments to knife height simple and predictable. Each knife has two jack screws, one on either end to make setting its overall height and getting it parallel to the table surface easy. Also included is an easy to use knife setting block to make the alignment process faster and easier.

The PJ-882HH 8" Parallelogram Jointer helical cutterhead is so effective because its carbide inserts are arranged in spiral-shaped rows. The inserts have a 4” radius ground into them and are mounted so they approach the wood at a 14-degree angle. That creates a true shear cut that eliminates much of the impact and the resulting fiber disturbance other cutterhead designs deliver to the wood.

  • High-mount switch for operator convenience
  • All-steel base cabinet provides solid footing, houses the motor, and sends the dust to 4" diameter port
  • Each corner of the infeed and outfeed tables has an adjustable cam for correcting coplanar misalignments
  • Large 8" x 82" precision ground cast iron table surface for heavy-duty work
  • Parallelogram design allows for easy and accurate adjustment of tables
  • Parallelogram design for close table-to-cutterhead proximity and fast depth of cut adjustments
  • Patented handwheel with worm gear system for precise fence tilting
  • Straight knife cutterhead with 3 high speed steel knives create a clean cut

Cuts Per Minute: 21,000
Cutterhead Diameter: 3-1/16"
Cutterhead Speed (RPM): 7,000
Cutting Capacity (W x D): 8" x 1/2"
Dust Collection Min. CFM Required: 600
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Infeed Table Length: 44"
Motor Amps: 9
Motor Power (HP): 2
Motor Voltage (V): 230
Number of Knives: 3
Prewired Voltage (V): 230
Rabbeting Capacity: 1/2"
Recommended Circuit Size (Amps.): 20
Type of Cutterhead: Straight Knife

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