Lamello Clamex P-10 P-System Connectors

$ 140

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For use with Lamello Zeta P2 Joiners.

The Tenso P-10 is a detachable connector that can be anchored in a P-System groove within seconds. Developed for miters (45°) from a material thickness of 15 mm or butt joints (90°) from a panel thickness of 12 mm, the Tenso P-10 is ideal for glued furniture, e.g. bathroom furniture, sideboards, small shelve units, door frames, claddings, false edges, frames, etc.

The preload clip enables the Tenso P to be preloaded manually in one simple step prior to gluing. The force required to join workpieces is reduced significantly thanks to the use of preloaded connectors. This is ideal for larger components with several joining elements, bulky parts, or special angles. The preload clip is included with the Tenso P-10.

Cover Clamex drill holes with Lamello's aesthetic Clamex Cover Caps!

  • Invisible, self-clamping connector as gluing aid
  • Extremely fast gluing, as the workpieces are simply stuck together
  • For thinner material thicknesses from 12 mm or miters in 15 mm
  • Concealed, self-clamping connector
  • High level of clamping force
  • For all angles
  • Extremely fast, tool-free installation of connectors
  • Stackable for transport, despite integrated connector
  • Lateral tolerance for efficient installation with the Zeta P2 profile groove biscuit joiner or a CNC machine

Installation tolerance: Longitudinal ± 1 mm
Material connector: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Cutter: Ø 100.4 x 7 x 22
Size (mm): 52 × 19 × 9.7 mm
Clamping force: 10 Kg


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