Laguna LT18 Resaw Master 5hp, 3PH, 220V

$ 5,699

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The Resaw Master is exactly what this bandsaw is really good at. With 18″ resaw and 2″ blade capacity, you basically have your own lumber mill. This bandsaw comes standard with a 5 HP  motor for resawing large lumber. The standard high/low resaw fence, geared trunions, and EZ tension indicator makes operating a breeze. Our award-winning Laguna Guide system features thumb screws for quick adjustment and precision control.

Most blade guide systems are designed to support the blade on the sides, and then either above or below the side guides to support the back of the blade. This forces the blade to twist as pressure from the wood being cut is transferred to the back blade guide. Laguna Guides solve this problem by supporting the blade on the sides above and below the back blade guide. By eliminating all blade twist, the Laguna Guide gives the blade unsurpassed stability. 

The Laguna Guide System utilizes 10 points of contact, 4 more than traditional guide systems. It features "Space Age" ceramic guide blocks as both side and thrust support. This enables the ceramic piece to gently touch the side of the blade, on all three sides without heat build-up, therefore giving stability, which has never been achieved before.

Note: Blade is not included. Check out our selection of band saw blades here.

    • 18" resaw and 2" blade capacity
    • Standard high/low resaw fence
    • Geared trunions
    • EZ tension indicator
    • Laguna guide system

    Motor: 5hp, 3-phase
    Resaw: 18″
    Volts: 220V
    Amp Breaker: 35
    Min. Blade: 3/4″
    Max. Blade: 2 “
    Throat: 17″
    Table Size: 19″ x 25 “
    Blade Length: 161″
    Table Height: 33-1/2″
    Rack/Pinion: yes
    Foot Brake: yes
    Guides: Laguna Guides
    Weight: 561 lbs.

    SKU: MBAND185600-5