Laguna F2 Fusion Table Saw

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Malcolm Green

As in the review below, I spent considerable effort researching which saw to invest in, having decided on the Laguna F2 delivery was my critical deciding factor. A number of suppliers failed to answer my question as to whether the sipping agent would deliver to curb or the property - with a 250 yard gravel drive delivery to the property was critical. Oak Tree assured me their shipping agent would make every effort to deliver to the property and not drop at the curb. Pleased I was then further pleased with Oak Tree competitive pricing (lowest I found) and my saw was shipped immediately and received in days. Only unpacked and setup this past week making my first cut - extremely pleased with the quality of the saw. I highly recommend Laguna but Oak Tree set the standard. Totally committed to customer satisfaction I took the free sticker and proudly display on my saw for all to see. If your looking for workshop machinery then look no further than Oak Tree they will exceed your expectations.

Steven Chavez
Oak Tree is the Best

I did my research. I found the best prices and all that was left was to compare shipping costs and period of time for shipping. I called Oak Tree to discuss shipping of the Laguna II. I was told it would ship the day I ordered it. Their product price was competitive, but it was their customer service that stood out. To my surprise, they shipped the Laguna II the same day I ordered it. I received it cross Country within 7 days. The Laguna II is an excellent table saw and I would recommend Oak Tree and Laguna products to anyone who asks me. I have purchased other big ticket items from Oak Tree and they lived up to the experience I had with them on the Laguna II table saw. Oak Tree is the best!

Dennis Laff
Great saw

After waiting 4 months for my Fusion 2 saw l was pleasantly surprised that it had the new upgrades the saw replaced a 40 year old Craftsman contractor saw . The Fusion 2 saw was 90% assembled and quality is outstanding really happy with the saw and Oaktree supply Thank you Dennis Laff

Paul Salenko

What a great saw. It is quiet, solid and vibration free. Took a couple of months to get but that wasn't Oak Tree's fault. It has been well worth the wait!

Seems to be a great saw. Documentation could use some work.

Oak Tree was the only store that had this saw in stock and it only took a few days to get here. Got it together with little problems. A few issues with the documentation. Like, the instructions to unpackage the saw is inside the package. Huh? How do you get to the instructions to unpack it without unpacking it first? I had to break down the crate anyways so wasn't a problem tearing it apart. The drawings in the manual are not all that clear. There was no instructions on mounting the upper vacuum hose mount and the bolt that was included with it was too long to use.

But other than these minor documentation issues, it is a great saw for the price. It includes accessories as standard that other saws charge you hundreds of dollars for.