General Finishes Outdoor Oil - Quart

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General Finishes Outdoor Oil is an exterior-rated penetrating oil that acts as a wood maintenance preservative. It contains UV stabilizers, mildew prohibitors, and twice the oil contained in competing brands. Use Outdoor Oil for all exterior outdoor wood projects, particularly wood furniture. It can be used by itself, over any stain, and on pressure-treated wood.

Don't forget your sandpaper!

NOTE: Outdoor Oil may not adhere to extremely oily exotic woods.


Product Color: Clear - Dries with an amber tone.
Base Type: Oil
Ambering: Yes
Interior or Exterior: Exterior
Type: Alkyd
Coats: 1 - 2 coats
Application Method: Wipe On with Clean Rag
Usable over existing finishes: Yes
Dry Time - Touch: 24+ hrs.
Dry Time - Recoat: 36+ hrs.
Coverage: 60-90 sq. ft.


Raw wood decks, siding, fences, and furniture

  • Sand no finer that 120-grit sandpaper when necessary.
  • Remove dust.

Raw wood furniture, décor, and mailboxes

  • Sand with 120-grit sandpaper followed by 150-grit.
  • Remove dust.

Sealed surfaces

  • General Finishes Outdoor Oil can be used over any existing exterior finish.
  • Begin by power washing and let dry overnight.
  • Remove noticeable residue with 120-grit sandpaper.
  • Remove dust with a vacuum, compressed air, a tack cloth or a water-dampened rag.
  • Let dry completely before applying Outdoor Oil.

Wood must be clean & dry before use. Outdoor Oil is a maintenance product that penetrates into the wood but does not form a film. Reapply when wear becomes evident.

  • Work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Stir thoroughly. Do NOT thin.
  • Apply 1-2 coats.
  • Hand application: Apply a liberal coat of Outdoor Oil with a cloth, natural bristle brush, staining pad, paint pad or roller with smooth even strokes. Allow it to penetrate for 1-2 minutes, then wipe off excess with clean cloth. It is important to remove extra oil; any oil buildup that dries on the surface may cause drying problems.
  • Spray application: Strain with medium-mesh filter. Spray wet films at 3-5-mil thickness. HVLP: 1.1mm-1.3mm spray tip, medium air cap. Verify tip sizes with your equipment supplier. See our general guide for spray tip sizes. Keep your gun at a 90° angle, 6-8" from the surface. On large, flat areas, use wet, even patterns 6-8" wide. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 2-3" wide to reduce overspray. Overlap each pass 25% to conceal lines. Wear a full filter respirator (NIOSH/MSHA approved). Visit this FAQ for more information on spraying techniques. Spray on a wet coat and let the oil penetrate for 1-2 minutes. Be sure to wipe off the excess oil with a clean cloth.
  • Dry 24-36 hours between coats in ideal conditions, 70°F/20°C; 50-70% humidity. If in doubt, wait longer.
  • Increase dry time if:
    • Use an inexpensive herbicide sprayer.
    • Applying over an existing sealed finish
    • Thick coats are applied
    • 3+ coats are applied
    • Humidity is over 80%


Customer Reviews

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GG WoodShop
Outdoor oil finish on wooden bench.

My first application of General Finishes Outdoor oil held up over 4 years on a 12 slat Camaru wood exterior bench. All I had to do this summer was remove the slats, sand each with 180 grit, wipe on a new coat of oil, let dry over night and re-attach the slats. It looks as good as it did when I first made the bench. GF outdoor oil and its other products are all I use on wood.

Doug Heckler
Good Protection against the elements

I was looking for a good alternative to marine-grade poly, I really don't like the blistering and peeling of that finish. So I bought some Outdoor Oil. It was easy to apply, just make sure to do this in a VERY WELL VENTILATED area. I would never apply this in a basement, and that was just wiping on! Three years ago, I applied this to some newly made white-oak Adirondack chairs that I made. It is now time to apply some additional oil to these chairs. Other than the level of VOC, my only complaint is that it states it is clear, however in reality, it has an "ambering" effect. I would much rather it actually have been clear so that there were little to no ambering on my white oak chairs.