Festool Accessory Kit SYS3 M 137 FS/2-Set

$ 319

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Everything that can make the Guide Rail even better - in one Systainer.

The Limit Stop functions as a start/stop reference and protects the circular saw user against kickbacks when plunging into the workpiece. The Angle Stop can quickly be attached to the guide rail without tools (angles of -60° to +60° can be set easily and with precision). Two guide rails can be conveniently connected and aligned using the Connectors. Use the Deflector to prevent the suction hose and cable from getting caught up on the end of the guide rail. The Screw Clamp attaches to the workpiece and secures it.

  • The guide rail accessories are stored in the Systainer in a clearly organized way
  • Permanent organization and high visibility
  • All in one place
  • Simple, compact transportation
  • Limit Stop
  • Angle Stop
  • (2) Rail Connectors
  • Deflector
  • 4-11/16" Screw Clamp
  • SW 5/SW 3 combination hex key
  • Systainer

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Customer Reviews

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Matt Bowers
Great Addition If Using The Festool Guide Rail System

This has been a great addition and has changed my work flow when breaking down sheet goods with my track saw. I just don’t want to wrestle with full sheets (especially 3/4 MDF!) on my table saw any more. This kit along with my guide rails allow me to accurately and quickly get sheet goods to manageable sizes while the sheet is sitting still. The angle stop detents were dead on strait out of the box, and the +/- 60 degree range has already provided useful over the smaller range of my miter gauge. Don’t underestimate how helpful the deflector is for keeping your cord and vac hose from getting stuck on the guide rail end during a cut also.