Festool Limit Stop FS-RSP

$ 16

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Affixing to the rib or guide on top of the Festool FS Guide Rail, the Limit Stop can be used to set stop points for repeat cuts and plunge-cuts. Allows for infinitely adjustable placement along the entire rail. Reduces the risk of kickback when initiating plunge-cuts.

Though Festool Track Saws are packaged with a single Limit Stop, a second stop is useful for pairing as a stop or start point. 

  • Provides a secure, positive stop for starting or ending a cut
  • Fits seamlessly to the back of the TS plunge cut saw's sole plate, helping reduce the risk of kickbacks for plunge cut starts
  • Fits quickly and securely to the top of the FS Guide Rail for both cutting and routing applications
  • Can also be used as a guide stop

For use with TS 55, TSC 55, TS 75, HK 55, and HKC 55 Track Saws.

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