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Coima was established in central Italy, a region famous for the production of machinery for industrial processing and furniture manufacturing. Since 1982 they have been producing high-quality dust collection systems and waste material handling solutions.  Their products are proven solutions in wood processing facilities all across Europe, and our reputation is spreading across the globe.

The expertise they acquired in the woodworking industry has been extended to the collection and transfer of waste byproducts from the processing of metals, plastics, and other materials.  Stringent environmental regulations in the European Union have given them the ability to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding industry focused on efficiency and positive environmental stewardship.

Their extended offerings have for years included custom design and installation of mechanized painting systems and industrial heating solutions based on biomass recovery, further reducing waste production and increasing the efficiency industrial processes.


The success of COIMA USA is based on a new way to structure offers, based on solutions rather than on products. They provide customized solutions that are the result of studying our customers’ production requirements, plant automation engineering systems, COIMA’s technology offerings, domestic and made-in-Italy production.


COIMA USA is not just another dust collector manufacturer; they build fully-engineered dust collection and environmental control solutions for our customers.

COIMA produces high-quality wood waste dust collection systems, enclosures for dust control and painting applications, and biomass energy solutions.  Our approach each project as an opportunity to provide a custom-tailored solution to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Our goal is to provide a cleaner, healthier workspace while minimizing the impact on the environment through energy savings and excellent pollution control.

If you have questions about any kind of dust collection for your facility don't hesitate to give us a call at 260-637-0054! Custom options are available as well.

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Coima USA BAP-M Downdraft Sanding Table
  • From $ 10,995.00
Laguna T|Flux: 10 Cyclone Dust Collector
  • $ 8,999.00
Laguna X|Flux: 10 Industrial Dust Collector
  • $ 13,999.00
Coima USA SHK Series Enclosureless Baghouse Dust Collectors
  • From $ 10,895.00
Coima USA F Series Negative Pressure Dust Collectors
  • From $ 26,995.00
Coima USA MVD Mini-Silo Baghouse Dust Collector - Mechanical Shaker Cleaning System

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Coima USA MPD Mini-Silo Baghouse Dust Collectors - Pulse-Jet Cleaning

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Coima USA UPD Series Modular Baghouse Dust Collectors - Pulse-Jet Cleaning

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Laguna T|Flux: 5 Cyclone Dust Collector
  • $ 5,899.00