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Shaper Origin

Bring digital precision to the craft of woodworking with Origin – the handheld CNC router. Cut with unparalleled precision, flexibility and efficiency.

Origin is the world’s first hand-held CNC router. With onboard automatic cut correction, Origin makes precision cutting easy. Avoid the envelope limits of traditional CNC machines and tackle projects at a wide range of scales with a single, compact tool. With annual system updates and optional extensions, Origin is the only power tool that gets better with age. Create simple designs on the tool itself, or using Shaper Studio. You can also upload an existing design of your own. Additionally, Origin-ready files and hardware templates are available on ShaperHub.

Designed and engineered by Shaper in California. Assembled by Festool in Germany.

  • Automatic cut correction
  • No programming required
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • On-tool design
  • Suitable with a range of router bits
  • Precise depth control
  • Easy adjustments for tight fitting joints
  • Cut perfect box joints and mortise and tenons
  • Work at any scale
  • Proven spindle design*
  • Soft-start, over temperature and over-load safety cut-offs
  • Wifi & USB connectivity
  • Includes a ¼" collet that accepts any commonly available ¼"shank router bits
  • ⅛" collet and 8mm collet available (sold separately)

Easy & Intuitive

Set Up Your Workspace: Set up your workspace by applying ShaperTape and scan your work area. Origin automatically detects and stores this as a Workspace.

Add Designs: Easily create or import designs; no programming required.

Start Cutting: Switch the spindle on and get cutting. Make changes on the fly to adjust for real-world fit. Origin autocorrects your movements so you get perfect results.


The Shaper Workstation combines with the Origin handheld CNC to create a precision cutting system that makes even the most demanding project approachable and intuitive. The extra-durable, pre-applied Shaper Tape surface allows Workstation to integrate with Origin’s computer vision system for simple setup and unrivaled production capabilities.

Shaper Plate

A universal template designed to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners, route system 32 holes and so much more. Designed to Integrate with ShaperHub’s Hardware Catalog – a collection of hundreds of vetted digital hardware files – Plate makes it easy to say goodbye to drawers full of hardware templates you may have lying around.

  • Cut with hundreds of digital hardware files from Shaper's Hardware Catalog
  • Includes custom low-profile clamps in a custom systainer. Low profile clamps provide maximum cutting space and fixturing adaptability
  • Flexible alignment rails for use with custom fixtures
  • Flag and fence system to align virtually anywhere on your work surface
  • System 32 Ready: Use the included System 32 pin to tile Plate in any direction while maintaining 32 mm hole spacing.
  • Anti-slip backing: Plate’s back side is covered in an anti-slip mat, making it easy to cut most jobs without needing to clamp Plate to your workpiece.
  • Built-in ShaperTape: Like Workstation, Plate is made with durable and reusable ShaperTape so you can scan once and reuse Plate again and again.

30 Day Risk-Free Trial
You’ll have 30 days to decide if Origin is right for you. Return the tool in its original packaging for a complete refund—just pay shipping!


Precise joinery
Origin and Workstation combine to deliver easy, precise and versatile joinery.

  • Cut tenons at any angle from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Virtually eliminate tear out
  • Easy adjustments, for tight fitting joints
  • Easy Box Joints

Work your way
Bring CNC to the job, not the other way around. Origin’s location tracking system lets you work anywhere at almost any scale. Tackle large inlay projects right on the jobsite.

  • Portable and easy to store with included Systainer
  • Work on almost any surface; just apply ShaperTape
  • Easy design on-the-fly with On-Tool CAD and Extensions

Tackle intricate details
Easily cut and engrave small or intricate designs with ease.

  • Consistent feed speeds with Auto Mode
  • Precise depth control with automatic tool tip detection

Hardware installation made easy
Easily align and quickly cut perfect features for almost any piece of hardware

  • Precision alignment to existing parts with the Grid Tool
  • Templates for your favorite brands, available on ShaperHub

Designing for Origin
Store, share and collaborate with ShaperHub. Explore ShaperHub’s continuously expanding library of downloadable designs and projects, and use it to store your designs and share them with others.

  • Digital cut files: Works with standard vector files (.SVG)
  • On-tool design: Never Leave Your Workbench. Use Origin to create designs wherever you work. Make adjustments on-site, on the fly, no computer required.
    • Shaper Origin Handheld CNC
      • Shaper Branded Systainer³ M437 Carrying Case
      • Two rolls of ShaperTape (150-ft each)
      • Tool change accessories
      • Reusable transport locks
      • USB A/C dual flash drive
      • 1/4-inch up-spiral flat router bit
      • 1/8-inch up-spiral flat router bit
      • 60 degree engraving router bit
    • Workstation 
      • Clamping Face
      • Support bar
      • Support Arms
      • Shelf
      • Angle Fence
      • Hold Down Clamps
      • Spoilboards
    • Plate
      • 2 low-profile clamps
      • Leveling feet
      • Mini systainer
      • System 32 pin

    *Shaper partnered with Festool, the worldwide gold standard in high-quality routers, to develop a router spindle ideally suited for cutting with Origin.

    Origin Specs

    Weight (Origin only): 14.9 lbs.
    Origin Height: 12.04”
    Origin Depth: 8.94”
    Origin Width: 13.35”
    Brushed Motor Spindle: 720 Watt (AC), 10,000 - 26,000 RPM with load-compensating speed control. Soft-start, over-temperature and over-load safety cut-offs.
    Collet: 1/4" ships installed. Accepts any commonly available 1/4" shank router bits. 1/8" Collet sold separately.
    Input Power: 120 VAC (60HZ) 7A 
    Z-axis max depth: 1.7” / 43 mm (digitally adjustable)
    Dust Extraction Port: Fits most standard 27mm and 36mm suction hoses

      Plate Specs

      Width: 14.25"
      Height: 17.7"
      Thickness: 0.25"
      Weight: 4.5lbs.
      Cut Window Width: 6.29"
      Cut Window Height: 4.72"

      Workstation Specs

      Max Height: 8.9"
      Depth: 18.3"
      Width: 20.3"
      Assembled Weight: 21.5 lbs.


      SKU: SO2-NN-OWP

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