Veritas Dual Marking Gauge

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The Veritas® Dual Marking Gauge has two rods mounted eccentrically in the reference face. One rod has a non-rotating wheel cutter whose bevel faces the reference face (outside cutter) and the other has a non-rotating wheel cutter whose bevel faces away from it (inside cutter), allowing the gauge to be used in a wide range of applications. The hardened steel wheel cutters cut wood fibers rather than tear them, and produce fine cutlines, ideal for chisel registration.

The most common use for this gauge would be as a mortise gauge for scribing both sides of a mortise. Unlike other mortise gauges, the cutters on the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge are used independently, scribing just one line at a time. As a result, this marking gauge can be used anywhere a project requires repeated marking of two dimensions.

The individual wheel cutters can be completely retracted into the reference face, and the gauge can function as a single-cutter marking gauge. For most traditional uses, the outside cutter (bevel facing the reference face) would be used; however, for thicknessing a workpiece, the inside cutter (bevel facing away from the reference face) would be used.

The eccentric configuration of the rods maximizes the size of the reference surface, while maintaining the overall size of the gauge. The short side can also be used if space is restricted. As an added advantage, the eccentric nature means this gauge is much less likely to roll off the work surface.

  • Aluminum housing with brass face and stainless-steel rods
  • Internal O-ring keeps light but constant friction on each rod
  • Wheels can be oriented with opposing bevels
  • Set projections up to 5-3/4", thumbscrew locks settings
  • One rod has cutting edge at extreme end of rod for transferring dimensions
  • Cutters retract into brass face for storage or for using one cutter at a time
  • Eccentric placement of rods ensures large reference face, helps gauge resist rolling on surface
  • Optional shaft clamp is designed to fit onto gauge's guide rods; lets you lock relative position of cutters while still being able to freely adjust fence for offset
  • Machined to precise tolerances to prevent binding on rods, the 1/2" long collar is made from extruded aluminum with a turned brass thumbscrew that tightens onto marking gauge's steel guide rods without marring their surfaces

Overall length: 7-1/4"
Cutter material: Hardened steel

SKU: 05N7001