Laguna Universal Wheel System for PX Planers & JX Jointers

$ 150

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Mobility kit with wheels and mounting hardware to allow for easy moving and repositioning of Laguna JX 12" & 16" Jointers and PX 16", 20" & 22" Planers.


Customer Reviews

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Steve C
Expected more

The planer is awesome, but this wheelset is not what I was expecting and it is really overpriced. I was willing to pay more for an integrated mobility as I have a BX18 Bandsaw and the Laguna wheelset is great. Not so for the PX planers. No quick release, just a bolt you have to manually turn multiple rotations to allow for rolling or staying put. Needless to say I get frustrated every time I want to move my planer which is not a lot, but that was the whole point of the wheels is to make it easy which it is not.

Tom guhl
XP 20 planer Laguna

The xp20 Laguna first piece I put through left a smooth as finish as if I sanded up to 200 grit very nice machine quiet doesn't take up much floor space you do need to have a good having the two speeds is nice and then having the window viewer to see what's going on in there is a nice plus too

Doug Penner
Planer wheel set review

I like the wheels, they are stoutly built and the installation was straight forward.

My only complaint is the price. They are overpriced.

Peter Low
If you need mobility. A must

If you need to ever move your machine this is a MUST. That said For $150 you get three casters plates and bolts GROSSLY overpriced