Tried & True Original Wood Finish - 8 oz.

$ 14.99

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A superior blend of linseed oil & beeswax that is polymerized for multi-purpose applications on all interior woodwork. It provides excellent protection against water and liquids. Original Wood Finish is commonly used by woodworking professionals for application to bare wood or to revive an already-stained piece to achieve a lower-gloss, antique sheen while providing long-lasting durability.

  • 100% food contact safe
  • 100% skin contact safe
  • Zero VOC's
  • Solvent-free
  • No heavy metal driers

    Coverage rate: Up to 62.5 square feet per 8oz bottle

    Care & Maintenance: Use a soft shammy cloth to polish any dull areas. Clean using Murphy’s Oil Soap or other wood safe cleaners.

    To repair any scratches, nicks, or water marks: Use 0000 grade steel wool to buff out as much of the affected area as possible. Then, use a lint-free cloth to apply a small amount of the Varnish Oil to the damage wood. Follow the normal recommended application directions. For watermarks — if damage is severe, sand water mark away using fine grit sand paper until it is smooth and even with the surrounding surface. Reapply the Varnish Oil to the water mark by following the normal recommended application directions. Remember to always protect the wood surface using coasters or anti-scalding devices.

    Don't forget your cloths/pads!

    • The Original Wood Finish provides a soft, warm, glowing finish and unparalled grain enhancement without masking the beauty or texture like a film finish would
    • Made from 100% Renewable, natural, food & skin contact safe ingredients. Just linseed oil & beeswax. No need for PPE or ventilation while using. Petrochemical Free, Heavy Metal Free
    • Beeswax is the best moisture barrier that nature has to offer so this is ideal for food contact applications, baby products, or pet's toys. It can also be used as a sealant over milk paint, penetrating oil-based stains, and other natural oil finishes
    • Excellent finish for cabinetry, butcher block, furniture, tool handles, raised garden beds, wooden doors and trim, friction polishing turned pieces and any other application where linseed oil and beeswax would have been traditionally used
    • Tried & True products have infinite reparability and will last longer than a lifetime when properly maintained. No yellow plastic flakes as they age! These are 100% solids (no fillers, no solvents) so a little bit goes a very long way
    • Give it a good stir before you apply.
    • Apply a very thin coat across entire piece with a lint-free cloth at room temperature. A dry to wet color change in the wood should occur. A little bit of finish will go a long way! Do not use a brush.
    • Allow Varnish Oil to penetrate the wood for a minimum of 60 minutes.
    • Rub in briskly with a lint-free cloth until the surface is completely dry. Do this before you let the piece cure! Drying/curing issues will occur if this step is ignored!
    • Allow the piece to cure for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Burnish with a soft cloth or 0000 steel wool BEFORE EVERY COAT (even the first and last). The more you rub the surface, the better the sheen will look.
    • Additional coats will deepen the sheen and increase protection.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Simple and fast

    This stuff was fool proof. I finished a mahogany guitar body with it. Highly recommend.

    Dennis Janda
    Great Results!

    I applied Tried & True to an old Black Walnut bowl that I stripped the previous finish off. This product was very easy to apply and control. It buffed out beautifully. I am very satisfied with the results.

    Herbert Berg
    Nice product

    Went on easily and really enhanced the look of the maple cutting board. Glad it was available in a small sized bottle, as I was concerned about getting stuck with a bunch if I did not like the product. Not a concern as I will buy again.
    Logan even threw in a complimentary empty bottle so I could send some home with the customer. Quite pleased.