Steff 2038CI Power Feeder

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The Steff 2038CI is an accident prevention device for the safe and correct feeding of classic machines. It eliminates the need for you to put your hands near the tool, allowing you to work safely.

The 2038CI features 50-Shore toothed belts made of patented "Feeder Grip" rubber, providing the longest durability and highest grip on the workpiece. Models with belts are the ideal solution for feeding short and/or narrow workpieces. Thanks to the 3-toothed belts, even the smallest workpieces can be fed successfully. 

Obtain 8 total speeds of 6-13-18-21-36-42-54-102 FPM. The gearbox contains speed settings of 1 and 2 for both forward and reverse motion. These speeds can be doubled by a turn of the gear lever.

The universal support stand allows you to position the feeder in a variety of configurations. Steff Power Feeders keep your hands and fingers safe and away from blades and cutters. Additionally, as the rollers/belts hold the stock in place, kickback possibilities are practically eliminated. The finish cut of your product is uniform and free of defects associated with uneven stop/start feeding of your piece.

Available with Single Phase or 3-Phase motor.

  • Work in safety: the operator does not bring hands near the tool
  • High quality workmanship due to constant workpiece feed
  • Optimal feeding by adjusting the speed
  • Adaptability to all processing needs
  • Made in Italy

Net weight: 153 lbs.
Roller Material:
 50 Shore Rubber
Speeds: 8 fixed speeds (6-13-18-21-36-42-54-102 ft/min)
Wheels: 3 (diameter / thickness 4.7"x 2.4")
Single Phase motor: 0.7 HP or 0.5 KW 
3-Phase motor: 1HP or .75 KW
Machine body material: cast aluminum machined on a high precision center
Chainguard material: Corrosion-resistant steel 

SKU: STEFF-2038CI-230v1

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