Starbond Super Fast Thin CA Glue

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Starbond Super Fast Thin CA Glue EM-02 can’t be beaten when it comes to getting into tight spaces on porous surfaces. Whether you’re working with powder inlays, ceramics, softwood, unpolished rocks, or even fossils, Super Fast Thin CA Glue penetrates and stabilizes any crack or seam effortlessly through wicking capillary action. This watery-thin adhesive also makes a stunning CA finish and polish when applied as several coats, sanded in-between, and buffed to a brilliant shine.

Want to keep the hold, but prevent absorption? No problem - Starbond Accelerator (Aerosol or Pump Sprayer) keeps glues from seeping into porous surfaces – the instant cure for unwanted wicking!

Need replacement applicator tips? Find them here.

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  • 1 ounce: (1) clog-free stopper, and (4) micro-tips for precision.
  • 2 ounce: (2) applicator caps, (1) clog-free stopper, and (8) micro-tips for precision.
  • 16 ounce: (1) Easy dispensing yorker spout, (4) empty 2 ounce bottles, (6) applicator caps, (2) red pin caps, (1) clog-free stopper, and a bag of micro-tips for precision.

Compatible with:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Ceramics
  • Gemstones
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • PVC and Most Plastics


  • Repairing and filling cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in the wood
  • Woodturning and knife handle finishes for a hard, clear, and waterproof coat
  • Wicking into and stabilizing guitar frets
  • Installing bindings and purflings on stringed instruments
  • Gluing and repairing guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard
  • Fossil preparation through infiltration and stabilization of the fossil before extraction
  • Repairing small cracks in the stone
  • Metal and turquoise inlays
  • Jewelry manufacturing and repair
  • Furniture refinishing and antique repair
  • Ceramic repair
  • Marble, Granite and Quartz repair
  • Bonding fiberglass to balsa wood
  • Taxidermy
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