Stabila LAX 600 G Green Beam Multi-Line Laser (7-Piece Kit)

$ 649

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The Stabila LAX 600 G combines all aspects of a professional laser. This powerful line laser features modern rechargeable battery technology for precise layout work in interior construction. Work quickly and precisely thanks to innovative Stabila Green Beam technology razor-sharp 3 x 360° lines that let you transfer heights, create right angles, and align axes. With sturdy aluminum and glass frames to protect the laser optics, the IP 65-certified water- and dustproof laser proves its ruggedness.

When you invest in Stabila, you can have peace of mind that you're investing in quality products. If you do happen to find that your product is defective, Stabila will repair or replace any product with manufacturer’s defects within 30 days of purchase, without charge. Proof of purchase required for warranty claim.


  • For a wide range of tasks in drywall construction: For layout work, positioning partition walls and suspending ceilings.
  • Transfer heights in electrical installation work quickly and easily: Align sockets, switches and cable trays horizontally and vertically to each other.
  • For tiling: Marking out the tile layout and aligning and laying the tiles.
  • Precise transfer of marking points during plumbing work: Align pipe hangers vertically and horizontally to each other, position and install pipes and heating pipes quickly.
  • Reliable height transfer for carpentry and joining: Transfer drill holes precisely, align countertops quickly, align and install furniture and cabinets exactly to each other.

  • CAS 12 V battery-powered, self-leveling line laser with green 3 x 360° lines for precise layout work
  • GREENBEAM technology: direct work on sharp and perfectly visible lines – up to 130 ft. away
  • Divide rooms into 4 x 90°: two orthogonal vertical lines
  • A vertical plumb line and a horizontal line for exact height transfers
  • Ready for immediate use: fast self-leveling with a pendulum mechanism
  • Easy to operate. Each button has just one function
  • Sturdy aluminum and glass frames and the shock-absorbing Stabila soft grip exterior protect the laser optics against dirt and falls
  • Water- and dustproof. Protection class IP 65 (without rechargeable battery)
  • Long operating time. CAS 12 V LI-POWER 2.0 Ah rechargeable battery for up to 15 hours of use
  • Quick recharging time in max. 45 minutes
  • Set includes SUB 10 adapter base for flexible positioning and installable SWB 10 wall bracket

Laser class: 2
Output: < 1 mW
Laser wavelength: 510 - 530 nm
Self-levelling range (+/-):
Levelling accuracy (+/-): 1/8" @ 30 ft.
Operating life: 15 hours
Protection class: IP 65
Tripod connection: 1/4" + 5/8"

  • Multi-Line Laser LAX 600 G
  • CAS 12 V Li-Power 2.0 Ah battery
  • SC 30 CAS charger (US)
  • SUB 10 base adapter
  • SWB 10 wall bracket
  • Target plate
  • Carrying case

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