Stabila LAX 300G Green Beam Line/Dots Laser

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The LAX 300G is the ideal partner for interior construction professionals who need accurate laser lines with optimum visibility. The innovative Stabila Green Beam technology provides razor-sharp, extremely bright, long laser lines to make your work even more efficient and productive. You can perform plumb-line and leveling work on the floor, wall and ceiling at the same time – making the laser a true all-rounder with numerous areas of application.

One major advantage of pendulum technology is that it’s quickly ready and easy to use. The pendulum built into the laser oscillates freely and aligns itself by means of gravity. It's a robust, practical technology designed for the construction site.

Most Stabila Point and Line Lasers use a built-in pendulum for adjustment. The measuring accuracy of pendulum lasers is usually 3/16" @ 50 ft. This technology is particularly suitable for indoor use when working at a measuring range of up to 130 ft. on visible lines or points.

Line lasers with pulsed lines can also be used together with a line receiver. This not only increases the working area but also makes it possible to work in bright ambient conditions.

When you invest in Stabila, you can have peace of mind that you're investing in quality products. If you do happen to find that your product is defective, Stabila will repair or replace any product with manufacturer’s defects within 30 days of purchase, without charge. Proof of purchase required for warranty claim.


  • In drywall construction: Suspending ceilings, positioning interior and partition walls, fitting U-profiles and transferring layouts from the floor to the ceiling.
  • In electrical installation work: Fitting and aligning electrical installations.
  • For tiling work: Marking out the tile layout.
  • In window fitting: For levelling the window height.
  • For joinery: Construction of kitchen cupboards, aligning the worktops.

  • Self-levelling line laser with plumb-line dots
  • Work quickly and directly on the fine laser lines using Stabila Green Beam technology – with optimum visibility up to 90ft.
  • The versatile technology provides 1 horizontal line, 1 vertical line and plumb-line dots upwards and downwards
  • Visible vertical line tracks on the wall behind the laser itself
  • The latest generation of energy-saving laser diodes enables an operating time of up to 15 hours
  • Quick self-levelling function thanks to pendulum technology designed for the construction site
  • Easy to change functions using single-button operation
  • Versatile use: can be used on the floor, on a tripod (1/4" thread), with rare-earth magnets on metallic objects or on the wall bracket
  • Shock-absorbent Stabila soft grip casing
  • The laser can be pivoted 360° inside the housing
  • Protection of the optics against dust and scratches in park position
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Belt pouch

Laser class: 2
Output:< 1 mW
Laser wavelength: 510 - 530 nm
Self-levelling range: +/-4.50°
Levelling accuracy: +/-3/16" @ 50 ft.
Line straightness: +/-1/8" @ 50 ft.
Laser beam accuracy (up): +/-3/16" @ 50 ft.
Laser beam accuracy (down): +/-1/4" @ 50 ft.
Measuring range of visible point: 90 ft.
Measuring range of visible line: 90 ft.
Operating life: 15 hours
Protection class: IP 54
Tripod connection: 1/4"-20

  • LAX 300G Cross Line Plus Plumb Point Laser
  • High stability framing base
  • Target plate
  • Wall bracket
  • Belt pouch
  • (3) AA 1.5 V batteries

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