Stabila 7'-12' Plate Level with Removable Standoffs

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Stabila Plate Levels are designed for precisely positioning top and bottom wall plates plumb quickly. In addition, they are the best installation tools for tall doors, floor to ceiling sliding glass windows and high risk custom kitchen cabinet installations. The removable 1-5/8in stand-offs included deliver accurate plate to plate measurements around braces. They simply twist-on.

The distinguishing feature of Stabila Levels is the vial installation. The vial is cast into a vial block holder (developed by Stabila) so that it is free from stresses but totally immoveable. The vial block holder is, in turn, inserted into the spirit level profile in a way which prevents any movement. The vial and profile are permanently aligned with each other, thus consistently guaranteeing accuracy of measurement.

This unique installation ensures long-term accuracy. In a special casting process, the components of the spirit level are firmly bonded forever. You can trust that your spirit level will maintain its accuracy. It remains accurate, just as it was on the first day. No readjustments, no doubts. Always accurate measurements – even under the most difficult construction site conditions.

The vial block is made of high-transparency, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean acrylic glass. The exterior surfaces must be as flat as possible to prevent light refracting when reading the vial. The interior walls of the vial are precision-ground and the corrosion-free reference rings are flush with the surface – this allows the vial bubble to move freely and unhindered, ensuring maximum measuring precision.

The bubble size and ring spacings are designed to ensure optimum readability, even at high and low temperatures. This guarantees exact readings from -4 °F to +122 °F (-20 °C to +50 °C). The size of the vial bubble is always within the reference rings: from (a) at -4 °F to (b) at +122 °F.

When you invest in Stabila, you can have peace of mind that you are investing in a level that will last for life. Stabila's warranty statement guarantees that their vials will not fog, leak, or lose their stated accuracy for the lifetime of the level. If any of these occur due to manufacturer’s defect, Stabila will replace the level without charge.

  • Strong reinforced frame
  • Stabila vials prevent the movement of the vial being influenced by static loading or mechanical influences
  • Fluorescent vial liquid is particularly resistant to UV rays. Therefore, the color of the vials is very stable. The color contrast allows for good readability in all types of light
  • Two hand grips
  • Steel hang hole for storage
  • 6 sided keyed extension rail delivers smooth and rigid operation
  • Vial accuracy guaranteed for life
  • Plumb vial always at eye level 
  • 2 plumb vials, 1 level vial
  • Opposite side is a measuring surface and straight edge
  • Positioning scale on both sides of the extension raid for FAST set-ups: : 9ft 1in, 10ft 1in, etc.

Measurement accuracy: ±1/32" @ 72"
Measurement accuracy (reverse): ±3/64" @ 72"
Measurement accuracy (extended): ±1/8" @ 120"
Number of measuring surfaces: 2
Profile: Reinforced 2 chamber profile


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