Stabila 48" IP 65 Tech Level with Case

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This rugged and practical high-quality level is the choice for any trade that needs to set angles precisely and quickly. The electronic measuring technology and precision vials makes work faster and more efficient. The two illuminated digital displays can be read from both the side and the top. It is IP 65 certified therefore fully washable and dustproof. When Stabila designed this electronic level, they added everything you need and then some, making this a tool you can’t do without.

On the construction site, levels and angle finders are traditionally used across all trades to determine inclinations and angles. Yet, in recent years, they are increasingly being combined with modern sensors. Electronic Levels and Angle Finders from Stabila combine the universally admired quality of classic measuring tools with state-of-the-art electronics. These modern products have a broad range of applications and increase efficiency during day-to-day work.

The distinguishing feature of Stabila Levels is the vial installation. The vial is cast into a vial block holder (developed by Stabila) so that it is free from stresses but totally immoveable. The vial block holder is, in turn, inserted into the spirit level profile in a way which prevents any movement. The vial and profile are permanently aligned with each other, thus consistently guaranteeing accuracy of measurement.

This unique installation ensures long-term accuracy. In a special casting process, the components of the spirit level are firmly bonded forever. You can trust that your spirit level will maintain its accuracy. It remains accurate, just as it was on the first day. No readjustments, no doubts. Always accurate measurements – even under the most difficult construction site conditions.

The vial block is made of high-transparency, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean acrylic glass. The exterior surfaces must be as flat as possible to prevent light refracting when reading the vial. The interior walls of the vial are precision-ground and the corrosion-free reference rings are flush with the surface – this allows the vial bubble to move freely and unhindered, ensuring maximum measuring precision.

The bubble size and ring spacings are designed to ensure optimum readability, even at high and low temperatures. This guarantees exact readings from -4 °F to +122 °F (-20 °C to +50 °C). The size of the vial bubble is always within the reference rings: from (a) at -4 °F to (b) at +122 °F.

When you invest in Stabila, you can have peace of mind that you are investing in a level that will last for life. Stabila's warranty statement guarantees that they will repair or replace any electronic product with manufacturer’s defect due to faulty materials or workmanship, within 2 years of purchase, without charge. Proof of purchase required for warranty claim.

What makes Stabila Electronic Levels unique:

  • High-quality, efficient and reliable sensors with a long service life.
  • Quick and precise measurements thanks to the sophisticated interplay between sensors and software.
  • High-quality processing ensures a high degree of protection against ingress of water or penetration of solid matter (such as dust and chips) – depending on the intended purpose, the products are classified in protection class IP 65 or IP 54.
  • Acoustic guidance with three different audible signals for quick alignment – a useful function during daily work with electronic spirit levels and digital protractors.
  • Comprehensive quality inspections performed during production guarantee that the tools will work without errors.
  • Ultimately, the combined total of high-quality components is what determines the quality of each individual STABILA product.

  • Measuring accuracy of the vials in vial up or vial down position 0.029 degrees = 1/32in over 72 inches / 0.5mm/m
  • Electronic accuracy: At 0 degrees and 90 degrees = +/- 0.05 degrees, from 1 degree to 89 degrees = +/- 0.2 degrees
  • IP65 dust and water proof
  • Recalibration of the electronic module is simple and fast with the Stabila vial system
  • Degree, % , rise and run in both inch and metric. Display decimal or fractional readings
  • Find plumb and level with Sound. Hear/listen for Spot On as you are making adjustments to the work with shims etc.
  • Displays on the side and top light up and are easily viewed from any position
  • Rib reinforced frame protects the precision vial system and electronic package
  • Impact resistant removable endcaps protect the frame
  • 24in and 48in models include padded carrying case
  • Uses 2-AA batteries

Measurement accuracy: ±1/32" @ 72"
Measurement accuracy (reverse): ±3/64" @ 72"
Accuracy with electronic inclination measurement at 0° and 90° +/-: 0.05°
Accuracy with electronic inclination measurement at 1° to 89° +/-: 0.20°
Measuring modes: °, %, mm/m, inch/ft.
Number of measuring surfaces: 2
Profile: Rectangular profile with ribs


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