Veritas Snug-Plug Cutters

$ 19.50

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It is always difficult to fit plugs perfectly; any slight runout in your drill-press quill can make the holes oversize. Unfortunately, this runout will also make plugs undersize. The combination leads to ill-fitting plugs that are very noticeable in your finished work.

Snug-Plug cutters are designed to cut slightly tapered plugs; the first 1/8" of the plug is the stated size (6mm, etc.) and then flares out at a 3° included angle.

Unlike regular plug cutters, they also shave the plug sides as they cut, producing very smooth plugs. You just tap a plug into a hole until you meet resistance, then cut off the excess. You will then have a plug that fits perfectly, with a nearly invisible line between the plug and the workpiece.

These plug cutters are carefully reamed after hardening to ensure perfect concentricity. It is difficult to believe how nice a plugging job you can do until you actually use one. 

  • First 1/8" of plug is stated size (1/4", 5/16", etc.), then flares out at 3° included angle
  • Cutters carefully reamed after hardening to ensure perfect concentricity
  • Re-sharpening instructions included

Round shank: 3/8"
Recommended Softwood Running Speed: 600 rpm max.
Recommended Hardwood Running Speed: 350 rpm max.

SKU: 05J0501