SCM Startech CN P CNC Universal Boring and Grooving Center

$ 66,795

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CNC drilling and grooving center with fixed worktable and mobile workpiece. This machine is capable of vertical drilling on the panel surface, horizontal drilling on all 4 sides, grooving with integrated disc cutter along “X” axis, and standard vertical routing.

A structure made of welded steel plates creates a large support surface on which the work tables are fixed. The electrical cabinet is integrated in the base. The work table is made of phenolic material with grooves to allow the through boring.

An intelligent clamp directly controlled from the NC locks the panel to be processed and positions it in sequence under the operating head to execute the requested machining. It slides along "X", "Y" and "Z" axes of prismatic linear guides and preloaded recirculating ball bearings. Group positioning and machine motion is carried out by means of digital brushless motors.

The SCM "Maestro CNC" software allows users to create projects and geometrical drawings to be automatically converted in drilling-routing programs for the machine. It also contains a database that allows customer to save machinings. Once the machining has been saved, it can be applied any time on different geometries.

The low friction work table is made of Bakelite, a hard, infusible, and chemically resistant plastic. It features an automatic central side-alignment device with pneumatic positioning. The lubrication nozzles of the moving parts are grouped in a single position, allowing the operator the simple manual daily maintenance in very reduced time.

The Startech CN P contains the following hardware devices and software programs:


  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 19" LCD color display
  • Qwerty keyboard
  • Hicam interface machine software

Teleservice system to connect the machine pc with the service center via Internet. Software equipment: connecting program which allows:

  • Operator's interface visualization
  • Signals diagnosis
  • On-line verification and modification of the status of configurations, parameters and machine programs
  • Data back-up and files transfer operations
  • Upgrade operations for machine logics and operator's interface
  • Network cable and connection is not provided by SCM

CAD/CAM programs import
Machine can import drilling programs carried out with external softwares.

Hardware key with "Maestro cnc" programming software.

  • Horizontal drilling in X, up to 11 mm minimum quota in Y
  • Grooving up to 120 mm minimum quota in "Y" to the max. pass depth; from 60 mm to 120 mm: 4 mm max. depth
  • 30 mm maximum vertical drilling depth
  • 30 mm maximum horizontal drilling quota with respect to the panel surface (face 1)
  • Through drilling on panels with thickness up to 22 mm with 8 mm bits and 20 mm with 10 mm bits
  • Integrated blade unit with:
    • Rotating speed: 5,500 RPM
    • Tool attachment: 20 mm bore
    • Blade = 125 mm maximum diameter; 6mm maximum thickness

Max. panel length: 3,050 mm
Min. panel length: 200 mm
Max. panel width: 900 mm
Min. panel width: 80 mm
Max. panel thickness: 60 mm
Min. panel thickness: 10 mm
Max. X axis speed: 40 m/min.
Max. Y axis speed: 40 m/min.

Drilling head
Vertical spindles: 8 (5X-3Y)
Horizontal spindles: 6 (2+2X-2Y)
Rotating spindles motor power: 3hp
Spindle speed: 4,200 RPM
Fixed integrated disc cutter (direction): X
Max. diameter of disc cutter: 125 mm
Disc cutter rotating speed: 5,500 RPM

Motor power: 7.5hp
Min./Max. speed: 1,000 / 18,000 RPM
Tool changer: Manual
Max tool diameter: 20 mm

Compressed air consumption: 50 NI/min.
Extraction air consumption: 1900+540+1200 (+540 vers.R) m³/h
Exhaust air speed: 30 m/sec.
Installed motor power: 15.2 (20.7 vers. R) kVA
Exhaust outlet diameter: 150+120+80 (+80 vers R) mm



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