SCM Startech 27 Multi-Boring Machine

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The Startech 27 is a heavy duty, single head multi-boring machine that is capable of performing horizontal, vertical and 45° boring operations for wood and similar materials.

The base and worktable are made of both bended and welded steel plates to create a large workpiece support surface for large jobs. Right/left extensions with retractable stops L=3000mm are now standard! The extensions can be installed on the guides already mounted on the machine and are positioned at 90° with reference to the boring line; They are complete with 4 retractable stops (which may also be used as rear guides) and two upper pressure cylinders for the workpieces hold-down. The compass device allows the quick positioning of the guide located opposite the one in use without the necessity of metric reads.

The standard operating unit features a boring head with quick attachment spindles (32 mm center-to-center) with an aluminum structure and gears. The boring head movement is created through a pneumatic piston. The boring unit can be automatically positioned horizontally or vertically. Boring head rotation can be adjusted from the control board. All spindles are preset for quick change adaptors.

The gantry uses an ultra-thick steel structure, with depth adjustment, to easily support the load bearing stress. Pneumatic cylinders for the workpieces lock when machining pieces. Automatic head movement for the horizontal and vertical boring unit positioning, with locking at 45° rear stops, lateral stops and extensions for long workpieces are engineered to ensure the best working precision on the piece.

  • Line and construction boring with 45° positive stop
  • Two pneumatic clamps
  • Preset with a total of 18 quick change 10mm adaptors
  • Right left extension fence with retractable stops (3000mm)
  • Fence for horizontal boring at 45°
  • One supplementary top pressure cylinder
  • Device for working narrow workpieces
  • Calibration jig

Head Group
Number of spindles: 27
Center-to-center distance between spindles: 32 mm
Total number of 10 mm quick change adapters: 18
Spindles speed: 3,000 RPM
Motor power of spindles: 2 Hp (1.5kW)
Number of revolving turret positions: 6
Max. stroke of boring unit: 63 mm
Stroke of hydraulic brake: 50 mm

Max. tool length: 80 mm
Max. tool diameter: 40mm

Max. horizontal boring height: 50 mm
Max. width under the “gantry structure”: 1.025 mm
Max. distance of vertical borings from panel edge: 110 / 320mm
Min. panel thickness: 10 mm
Max. panel thickness: 60 mm

Compressed air pressure: 6 bar
Compressed air consumption: 3.6 Nl/cycle
Exhaust outlets diameter: 120+60+60 mm
Exhaust air speed: 30 mm
Exhaust air consumption: 1220+300+300 m3/hr
Working table dimension: 1,096 x 407 mm
Worktable height from floor: 900 mm / 35.5”
Weight: 815 lbs. / 370 kg



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