SCM Profiset 60 Throughfeed Moulder

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The Profiset 60 EP is a automatic planer and through feed moulder with up to 6 spindles, available in four compositions with possibility to preset the profiling on the top horizontal spindle (option).

The machine bed is of thick steel with a strongly ribbed structure and monobloc steel supporting base. The sturdiness and weight of the base along with the heavy-duty cast iron motor mounts, which are mounted directly on the base, reduce vibrations and guarantee life-long, constant, high quality performance.

Exclusive to SCM, the "Set-Up" System ensures simple, rapid adjustment and retooling. The top horizontal and right and left-vertical spindles are fitted with the "SET-UP" system to set up the machine in a single operation. Just set the minimum tool diameter (in the case of the top horizontal spindle) and immediately the cutting tool, the working height, the front and rear pressers and the feed rollers are adjusted simultaneously. Other companies require 4-6 different adjustments!

The beam, which supports the feed system, is of a thick, ribbed structural steel with powered vertical adjustment. Direct transmission and pneumatic pressure of feed rollers enables optimal feed and a roller placed on outfeed table further improves feed when required for some particular jobs. Feed shafts and feed rollers are of steel with a ground surface.

Like its name implies, the "Easy Plus" computer controlled positioning system is simple to use. Just input the finished thickness and width of the finished component, and the Profiset 60 automatically moves to the requested setting. The onboard computer has a 7” LCD Color Display, 300 position memory capacity. The “Easy Plus” controller is capable of storing tooling data and has visualization of tools and positioning. All other adjustments of working groups are controlled from the front of the machine with mechanical decimal readout of their position including separate readouts for the work-piece width and thickness.

  • Full Guard Enclosure with safety micro-switch
  • “Set-Up Superset System" a Patented System to make tool changeover incredibly fast and easy. Other systems require 4 to 6 more adjustments than this unique patented system.
  • 4 serrated feed rollers before top horizontal
  • Rubber coated feed rollers after top horizontal spindle
  • Idle roller in out-feed table
  • Jog push-button on out-feed side of machine
  • Simultaneous adjustment of feeding system and top horizontal spindle for prompt and easy set- up.
  • Mechanical digital readout indicators of working height and width
  • Mechanical digital readouts on all critical spindle adjustments radial and axial
  • Receding chip-breaker design on top horizontal spindle hood fabricated of solid reinforced steel
  • Left vertical spindle with front presser and out-feed guide fence
  • Fence simultaneously adjustable with left spindle vertically adjustable
  • All controls and adjustments mounted on front operator side
  • Side pressure roller in front of left vertical spindle
Min. working width (finished section): 15 mm (.6875”)
Max. working width (finished section): 230 mm (9.055”)
Min. working thickness (finished section): 6 mm (.236”)
Max. working thickness (finished section): 120 mm (4.724”)
Min. length of single component: 420 mm (16.5”)
Motor power for feed system: 4hp
Feed Speed –variable: 4 - 24 m/min (13 - 78 ft/min.)
Spindle speed: 6,000 RPM
Spindle diameter: 40 mm (1.575”)
Vertical spindle working length: 140 mm (5.511”)
Horizontal spindle working length: 250 mm (9.842”)
Universal spindle length (if equipped): 9.055” /230mm
Axial adjustment of vertical spindles relative to table: 40 mm (1.574”)
Axial adjustment of horizontal spindles relative to right fence: 40 mm (1.574”)
Min/max diameter of tools on planer spindles: 120-140 mm (4.724” – 5.511”)
Min/max diameter of tools on vertical spindles: 100-180 mm (3.937” – 7.086”)
Min/max diameter of tool on top of horizontal spindle: 100-180 mm (3.937” – 7.086”)
Diameter of feed rollers: 140 mm (5.511”)
Length of in-feed table: 2,500 mm (98.42”)
Rapid adjustment of in-feed table & fence: 10 mm (.393”)
Power requirements: 156 Amps at 230v
Dust extraction requirements: 3,800 CFM @5,000 FPM

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