SCM Nova SI 400ep Programmable Sliding Table Saw

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The Nova SI 400EP is a versatile sliding table saw with a 16” blade capacity that can be used for breaking down large panels as well as cutting smaller components. This machine has an incredible stroke of 10.5ft (126"). The programmable overhead Ready 3 Axis controller regulates the blade height, tilt, and rip fence positioning with maximum accuracy. Both large and small shops can benefit from this versatile performer.

A wider sliding table with two channels adds versatility. This is a feature normally only found on larger machines. The hardened steel guideways are machined into place (no glue) and are designed to last the life of the machine with no adjustments needed.

The Nova SI 400EP has three saw blades speeds standard. The speeds are changed from the top of the machine. Easily access the pulley behind the blade for simple adjustment. This makes this slider much more versatile when cutting numerous types of materials.

The Nova SI 400EP uses the “Ready 3 UP” three axes programmer. This controls the programmable rip fence, raising and lowering of the main blade and the tilt angle. It also has the following features:

  • 3 controlled axes: positioning of saw blade group (height, lower, tilt) and rip fence positioning
  • Memory capacity up to 99 working programs
  • Tools data setting with automatic height adjustment with respect to tilting
  • 3 modes: manual, semiautomatic, and automatic
  • Calculator and hour counter

The double trunnion assembly for the blade tilting is part of the blade group casting. This eliminates the possibility of misalignment which exists when these parts are bolted in the place as some manufacturers do. Others used a small pivot pin to hold up the saw group. Direct shaft drive coupled with rack and pinion gearing allows smooth, angle adjustment of the saw blade.

Adjusting the scoring set is quick and easy. Simply turn the dial to adjust the width of the score. This system eliminates the need for shims and the constant adjustment they require. It is fully adjustable in 0.1 mm increments.

The squaring frame is made of heavy-duty steel and is engineered to provide maximum support for large panels. The Nova SI 400EP comes with both metric and standard scale in addition to a telescopic aluminum fence with two flip stops.

  • Anodized aluminum alloy carriage sliding on hardened steel guides
  • Three blade speeds
  • "Ready 3" Programmer - positioning of saw blade group (height, lower, tilt) and rip fence positioning
  • Individual main and scoring motors
  • Overarm blade guard with integrated dust outlet
  • Telescopic squaring fence with 2 flip-over stops, metric ruler tilted towards operator, swinging arm support, and idle roller to facilitate the panel loading
  • Overhead control panel
  • Programming capacity up to 99 working programs
  • Scoring unit with external setup and stops for a quick re-positioning of the blade
  • "EZ Dial" Adjustment for the split scoring blade
  • Overload switch protection
  • Auxiliary low voltage circuit (110 voltage)
  • Direct start main motor
  • Self Braking Motor

Main Motor HP: 12hp
Scoring Motor HP: 1hp
Fixed Table Size: 41" x 25"
Sliding Table Width: 14.25"
Height of Worktable: 35.4"
Rip Capacity: 51" (1,270 mm)
Max. Length of Crosscut with Scoring: 126" (3,200 mm)
Main Blade Diameter / Arbor: 16" / 1"
Scoring Blade Diameter / Arbor: 5" / 3/4"
Arbor Speeds - Main x 3 / Scoring: 3,000 | 4,000 | 5,000 / 8,500 RPM
Dust Outlets - Main / Overarm Guard: 5" / 4"
Depth of Cut - 0° / 45°: 5.5" / 3.8"
Overall Dimensions: 279.5" x 157.5" x 44"
Crated Dimensions - 2 Pieces (Machine/Table): 7.4' x 4.6' x 6.9' / 12.1' x 1.5' x 0.7'
Shipping Weight - 2 Pieces (Machine/Table): 2,340 lbs. / 340 lbs.
Net Weight: 2,400 lbs.
Electrical Requirements: 31 amps @ 230v / 3ph
Dust Extraction: 1,100 CFM

    • 14" (350 mm) complimentary saw blade
    • Expandable scoring blade
    • Push stick
    • Tool box (wrenches, user manual, spare parts catalog)

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