SCM Minimax LAB 300P - Tersa Full Combination Machine

$ 12,985

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Versatile and compact universal combined machine with the more advanced technological solutions for precision, reliability and safety. Entry-level machine for cabinet work. 3.4hp motors, 2-speed shaper, 3-knife Tersa cutterhead. 12" sawblade with independently adjustable scoring and 5.5' sliding table allows users to crosscut 4x8 panels square and efficiently.

The saw unit has a blade with a maximum diameter of 315 mm with the scoring blade installed and features a 31.5” rip capacity. The scoring unit can easily be adjusted from the outside of the machine. The lifting and tilting of the unit with the practical hand wheels guarantee easy adjustment of the blade.

Easier, more precise cutting is possible thanks to perfectly stable support guaranteed, even for large work pieces, by the 270 mm wide sliding table. Included is an angular cutting device for rapidly performing miter cuts without moving the squaring fence. Recommended for miter cuts on small work pieces. The Lab 300P also comes with flip-over stops and an eccentric hold-down clamp.

During the changeover from surfacing to thicknessing the surfacing tables open towards the inside of the machine with a 90° angle, facilitating thicknessing. Work pieces with a maximum height of 220mm can be used. The design of the dust-conveyor, protecting the cutter block, is specifically intended to further increase system safety and efficiency.

The spindle moulder unit has a spindle with a useful working length of 100 mm. A tool with a maximum diameter of 180 mm can be retracted under the worktable. For machine maximum safety and increased flexibility, a spindle moulder protective hood is supplied as standard.

  • Three independent 3.4hp motors (single-phase X 230v)
  • Scoring system – independently adjusted
  • 5.5’ Sliding table on precision ball bearings with outrigger and swing-arm
  • Micro-adjustable shaper fence
  • Miter fence and eccentric hold-down clamp
  • Three-knife “Tersa” quick-change cutterhead
  • Jointer tables open towards the machine, and away from operator

Electrical: 230 Volt
Min. dust extraction volume: 1,000 cfm
Weight: 1,100 lbs.

Working width: 12”
Overall table length: 51”
Cutterhead speed: 5,200 RPM
Max. depth of cut: 0.125”

Working width: 12” (300 mm)
Table size: 12” x 18”
Max. working thickness: 8.5”
Min. working thickness: 0.125”
Max. stock removal: 1/8””
Feed speed: 23 fpm

Table Saw
Max. blade diameter with scoring / Arbor: 12.4” (315 mm) / 5/8”
Scoring blade diameter: 80 mm X 20 mm
Max. depth of cut: 3.9”
Sliding Table Size: 10.5” W x 65” L
Rip capacity: 31.5”

Spindle size: 1.25”
Capacity, under-the-nut: 4”
Spindle speeds (RPM): 4,000 / 7,000 / 9,000
Max. tooling diameter (Profiling): 8.25”

  • Mobility kit
  • Flip-over stops
  • Eccentric hold-down clamp


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