SCM Minimax CU 410ES - Tersa Full Combination Machine - 10.5' Slider

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The Minimax CU 410ES T has unbeatable performances and technology for the craftsmen or professional woodworker. Designed for precise woodworking, this 10.5’ 4-in-1 combination machine is the most advanced combination machine in the market.

The Minimax CU 410ES T has a massive cast iron blade group, this large design lends extra stability to the main blade and scoring blade. The cast iron blade group tilts on two trunnions to lessen degradation over time, and the main blade and scoring blade raise independently of each other.

An extra long sliding table assists in supporting larger panels. Also featured is the sliding table lock which allows the slider to be locked when pulled away from the blade. This makes loading panels much easier.

The Minimax CU 410ES T has a 16” Jointer and a 16” Planer. The planer is able to process up to 9” thick material. The Jointer/Planer head also comes standard with a “Tersa” head. This quick change system allows you to change the cutterhead knives quickly and accurately to minimize down time. There is no need to set the knife height, this is done automatically.

This machine comes standard with scoring capability. This allows you to not only accurately cut panels, but you can cleanly cut them too. This is important when cutting particle boards, melamine, laminated panels, or anything else to which you want to apply some sort of edge banding. If you are cutting solid wood, simply drop it below the table surface independently of the main blade. A 14” main blade capacity is featured without having to remove the scoring blade.

Minimax jointer/planers include the quick change knife head by "Tersa". This 16” cutterhead eliminates the necessity of gauging the knives each time to ensure proper height positioning. The Tersa knives automatically lock into position when the machine is turned on. Removal of the knives is as simple as tapping down the wedge blocks and sliding out the knives. Since the knives are double-sided, they can be flipped over, reinserted, and used again.

This powerful yet compact machine comes with a fifth function that adds versatility and performance due to the cast iron mortiser. This mortiser is complete with a 120 mm exhaust hood and a 16mm chuck.

  • 8hp motor (3-Phase @ 230v)
  • Digital-mechanical readout on planer height & shaper spindle height
  • LED readouts & powered movements available on request (3ph only)
  • Dial indicators for shaper and saw tilt
  • 14” main saw blade (16” with scoring blade removed) & 3 blade speeds
  • Automatic self-braking motor
  • Separate scoring motor with external scoring blade adjustments
  • Double trunnions on the saw and shaper supports
  • 3/4” dado capacity
  • Wheels for machine movement
  • Pre-wired powerfeeder swing arm support
  • Rear tilting Interchangeable shaper spindle: 1.25” standard (other sizes available)
  • 3-axis, micro-adjustable shaper fence system, with memory pins & digital readout
  • 10.5’ aluminum sliding table with precision guideways
  • 4-knife “Tersa” jointer/planer cutterhead & 4 post planer bed support
  • Cast-iron horizontal mortiser & American-style jointer guard
  • Short crosscut fence w/ miter gauge, eccentric workpiece clamp & trimming shoe

Electrical: Three-phase, 230v
Dust extraction: 1,000 cfm
Net weight: 3,120 lbs.

Table Saw
Max. main blade diameter / arbor size: 14” (16”) / 1””
Scoring blade diameter / arbor size: 120 mm / 20 mm
Max. depth of cut, 14" / 16": 4.625” / 5.625”
Max. rip capacity, right of saw blade: 39"

Working width: 16” (410 mm)
Overall total length: 87"
Cutterhead speed: 5,000 RPM
Max. depth of cut: 0.19” (5 mm)
Fence tilt: 90° - 45°

Planer worktable dimensions: 16.125” x 30.5” 
Max. working thickness: 9.4”
Min. working thickness: 0.125”
Max. stock removal: 0.125” 
Feed speeds (single phase): 23 & 46 fpm

Spindle diameter: 1.25”
Capacity, under-the-nut: 4” (100 mm)
Speeds: 1,700 / 4,000 / 8,000 / 10,000 RPM
Max. tooling dia. shaping/tenoning 9” / 10.875” 
Spindle tilt: -45°


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