SCM L'invincibile TI 5 Tilting Spindle Shaper

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The L’invincibile TI 5 combines old world quality with new age technology. The “EASY” programmer is a 5 axis controller for the powered section table, infeed fence, entire fence, spindle height, spindle tilt, and vertical and horizontal feeder support positioning. It also controls and displays the spindle speed and has the capacity to store up to 300 programs. The “FAST” sectioned table eliminates the need for insert rings.

The “EASY” programmer controls five axes - the spindle height and tilt, the sectioned table, the entire fence position in relation to the tool diameter, and the position of the infeed fence in relation to how much material is being removed and finally the powerfeed vertical and horizontal positioning. With a memory capacity of 300 programs, it is easy to set up the L’invincibile TI 5 for those profiles you use frequently, or you can use the manual function for precise control of those one-off jobs. The “EASY” programmer provides a digital readout for the positioning of all five axes.

The spindle speed, which is powered by inverter with speed ranges from 900 to 12,000 RPM, is also controlled through the programmer. Intuitive graphic, Duraswitch® pushbuttons for the best reliability of the electronic control up to 5 axes with the 7” LCD display, 16:9 format. This format provides ease-of-use with the function pushbuttons and an integrated and fast management of dedicated functions that improves productivity and easily exploits the raw power of this machine.

With a sectioned table, there is no longer any wasted time searching for that correct table ring to fit your cutterhead. This table design has been used on our Superset Moulders and the technology has been transferred to our shapers. The table is simply moved into the best position to fit your cutter. On the L’invincibile TI 5, this table position is also programmable.

If you could turn a combat tank into a shaper, this would be the outcome. The L’invincibile TI 5 is a tilting arbor shaper like nothing you’ve seen. When removing large amounts of material while the spindle is tilted, great stresses are put on a shapers spindle. The L’invincibile TI 5 spindle quill assembly is upgraded in order to handle these stresses and provide perfect finishes.

For quick change over and consistent tooling position, you can't beat the HSK 63 B automatic spindle release system in the SCM Class machines. Eliminate hassles with stacked tooling and just drop in the next profile. With a flip of a switch, it locks permanently into place. These spindles are fully compatible with any HSK 63 receptacle including HSK 63 F. Likewise, the TI 5 can easily accept existing HSK spindles that you may have on a CNC Router or Tenoner using the same HSK 63 technology. This is a versatile feature that makes this machine a pragmatic choice for any shop wishing to maximize their shop’s tooling in an efficient manner.

Monoblock technology is used in the design and fabrication of this base. The solid, welded base undergoes a treatment called normalization which stabilizes the metal and assures exact tolerances. All machine mechanisms are mounted, aligned, and referenced to the base. This design is vastly superior to frames that are bolted together and have no true reference point.

The L’invincibile TI 5 comes standard with the automatic feeder support bar. This feature makes it easy to set up and maintain the settings for your powerfeeder. The vertical and horizontal settings are positioned electronically and programmed from the “Easy” Controller.

  • 7 Axis “EASY” controller for entire fence, infeed fence, spindle height, spindle tilt, powered sectioned table and vertical & horizontal feeder positioning with the ability to store up to 300 independent programs
  • Electronic inverter control of spindle speed with slow enough speed for sanding applications
  • (5) HSK spindles 1-1/4" diameter with tooling cart
  • Upper mobile control panel
  • Flex: swing support fence with automatic adjustment
  • Fast: Powered/Programmable sectional table to adjust for tool diameter
  • Cross support mount for feeder with mechanical readout
  • Aluminum fences
  • Pneumatic device for release of HSK 63 B spindles
  • Carriage on fixed table for small tenoning operations
  • Reverse rotation switch
  • LED digital readout of spindle speed, height, tilt, and infeed / outfeed fence position on controller
  • Automatic brake
  • Magnetic starter with overload protection
  • Low tension circuit (110v by transformer)
  • Tool kit with spare V– belt

Motor HP: 13hp Electrospindle
Table Dimensions: 47.2" x 28.7"
Table Height: 36"
Working Height of Spindle (under the nut): 5.5"
Spindle Tilting: 0 to 45°, 0 to -10°
Max. Tool Diameter w/ Profile Fence: 10"
Max. Tool Dia. Retractable Under Table: 12" x 3.75"
Spindle Speeds: 900 - 10,000 RPM
Dust Outlet on Fence and Rear Base: 120 mm Each
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 48" x 29" x 41"
Crated Dimensions (L x W x H): 52" x 43" x 45"
Shipping Weight: 2,779 lbs.
Net Weight: 2,450 lbs.
Electrical Requirements: 35 amps @ 230v
Dust Extraction: 680 CFM x 2


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