SawStop Large Sliding Table - TSA-SA70

$ 1,695

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Engineered for the demands of the Industrial woodshop, the Large Format Sliding Table ensures easy, repeatable operation. Cut sheet goods and larger stock easily, with maximum control and sure measurement. A rigid steel frame and 14 sealed, steel bearings ensure a reliable, smooth glide, and maximum adjustability affords both traditional and Euro configurations for a max crosscut of 70 inches.

Product Weight: 173 lbs .
Maximum Travel: 71 1/2” 
Maximum Crosscut Capacity: 118" (On PCS w/out Extension Wing)
Max Rip Capacity (Front Mounting): 49"
Max Rip Capacity (Rear Capacity): 70"
Weight Capacity Fully Extended: 350 lbs.
Compatible with: ICS, PCS
Warranty: 1 year 

Flip Stop and aluminum fence included