SawStop 15A, 120v Jobsite Saw PRO w/ Mobile Cart Assembly

$ 1,599

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The SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro is engineered to exceed the tough demands of professional builders. It leads the way in safety, dust collection, table capacity, adjustability, storage, and more.

The heart of the SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw is the skin contact detection. The blade carries a small electrical signal that is continuously monitored by a digital signal processor. The signal changes when it comes in contact with skin since the human body is conductive. This triggers the quick release aluminum brake. A heavy-duty spring forces the brake into the teeth of the spinning blade, stopping it instantly.

The Jobsite Saw Pro delivers precise adjustment. Quickly raise or lower the blade in only one turn. You can also tilt the balance trunnion for angle adjustments with one squeeze. For fine adjustments, a quick turn of the micro tilt delivers infinite variability.

This saw is engineered for ease-of-use, even while it’s working to protect your fingers. The oversized start/stop paddle is easy to find even in an emergency situation. You can turn on bypass mode to test for conductive materials. This is the only portable saw with inboard storage for your accessories - no more losing items during transport! Quickly access your blade guard, miter gauge, and more. Stow confidently for future use.

The Jobsite Saw Pro delivers the most precise cutting experience in portable table saws with expansive table size, a Zero Clearance insert, and the SawStop T-Glide Fence. Along with the deeper table, the Pro features an easy, innovative quick-latching low fence face for thin rips and a class-leading blade guard featuring active dust collection.

The Mobile Cart allows true mobility on the jobsite. One press of the pedal and the post stand collapses, allowing the saw to be wheeled around anywhere. Large wheels cover rough terrain quickly and easily. The stand's compact size allows convenient storage in your truck trailer or garage.

  • Class-Leading Table Depth: 24-5/8” table depth allows a larger surface to make safe and accurate cuts from
  • One-Turn Elevation: Raise and lower the blade in just one turn on the handwheel
  • Solid Hi-Low T-Style Fence with Ergolock: Slides easily and locks firm with the push of the innovative Ergolock. 25 1/2” rip capacity
  • Active Dust Collection Blade Guard: Captures above table dust, helping to ensure a safer and cleaner workspace
  • Internal Dust Collection Shroud: Designed to provide superior dust collection capabilities.
  • Easy Mobility: Simple, intuitive action extends the Mobile Cart for use and collapse the cart for transport

Motor: 120 VAC 60 Hz, Universal, 15A, 116" cord
Motor Continuous HP: 1.5HP
Motor Peak HP: 4HP

Saw Dimensions without Cart (Body only): 31-3/4" W x 28-3/4" D x 15-1/2" 
Saw Dimensions with Open Cart (ready to use): 48" W x 29" D x 36" H
Saw Dimensions with Closed Cart (on End/stored position): 26-1/2" W x 29" D x 45" H
Table Dimensions (Retracted): 31-1/4" W x 24-5/8" D
Table Dimensions (Extended): 43-3/8" W x 24-5/8" D

Weight (Saw Only): 84 lbs.
Weight (with Cart): 113 lbs.

Blade Diameter: 10"
Dado Diameter: 8"
Dado Max. Width: 13/16"
Bevel Angle Range: -1 to 46
Max. Depth of Cut, Blade at 0º: 3-1/8"
Max. Depth of Cut, Blade at 45º: 2-1/8"
Max. Rip Right of Blade (Extended): 25-1/2"
Max. Rip Left of Blade: 9-3/4"

Blade Tilt: Left
Arbor Diameter at Blade: 5/8"
Table in Front of Blade (Max Elev): 7-7/8"
Table Behind Blade (Max Elev): 7-3/8"
Miter Slots T-shaped Dimensions: 0.754" W x 0.413" D; "T" 0.956" W x 0.157" THK
Main Bearing Size: 62 mm OD x 30 mm ID x 16 mm W
Second Bearing Size: 52 mm OD x 25 mm ID x 15 mm W

Riving Knife/Splitter Thickness: 2.3 mm (.090")
Hand Wheel: Effective diameter 6.3"
Belts: Poly-V static dissipative belt
Table Flatness Measured Diagonally: 0.033" Inches
Dust Collection Port Diameter: 2-9/16" Outside, 2-1/4" Inside
Active Dust Collection Blade Guard: polycarbonate, extends 1" right of blade
Blade Guard (Dust Collection) Port Diameter: 1-11/16" Outside, 1-3/8" Inside

  • (1) Collapsible Rolling Cart
  • (1) High/Low T-Style Fence with Ergolock
  • (1) Miter Gauge
  • (1) JSS Active Duct Collection Blade Guard
  • (1) Riving Knife
  • (2) Blade Wrenches
  • (1) 10" Blade
  • (1) Standard Brake Cartridge
  • (1) User's Guide
  • (1) Assembly Instructions Poster
  • (1) Hardware Pack
  • (1) 3 mm Hex Key
  • (1) 4 mm Hex Key 
  • (1) 5 mm Hex Key
SKU: JSS-120A60

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Oaktree and Sawstop

Very best service one could ask for. Pleasant folks to deal with..enough said. Sawstop set up and directions the best I have ever received. Many thanks to all.

Dave Braun
Perfect Saw for Limited Space

I recently moved to a smaller home and needed to downsize my shop. I didn't want to give up my cabinet saw but I didn't have the room for it. I purchased the JobSite Pro because in the stored position it has a small footprint. Although I miss my cabinet saw, this saw is easy to move and set up, and I feel it's just as accurate. At 74, I felt the added need for safety, and my family is happy with my choice too. If I had the room I'd have another cabinet saw, but right now I'm enjoying my JobSite.

Matt Fredericks

So far seems to be a great saw. The quick blade raising and angle adjustments are very handy.