Powermatic DS20 20" Disc Sander 3hp, 3PH, 230/460V

$ 3,399.99

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Disc sanders have always been useful in woodworking. The Powermatic DS20 20" Disc Sander takes that concept with its brute power, 20” diameter disc and an array of user-friendly features. Near the top of the feature list is a huge, articulated cast iron table, making it clear that the DS20 20" Disc Sander is a serious tool.

The DS20 20" Disc Sander comes with a 3 horsepower, 3 phase, 230/460V motor. Powermatic motors are rated using a continuous duty cycle for a true representation of its power rather than the “peak” or “max developed” figures. The motor is big, heavy and built to operate efficiently and smoothly for years. The heavy platen that backs the abrasive is driven directly from the motor shaft, ensuring a very consistent 1,720 RPM.

The DS20 20" adhesive-backed discs attach to a precision-machined steel platen that is mounted directly to the motor shaft using a large-diameter flange for maximum strength and alignments. This mass of this 9/16” thick by 20” diameter steel platen dissipates heat while resisting distortions and vibrations. Its sheer mass adds a flywheel effect that further smooths the sanding process.

Because the platen is made from steel, scraping spent abrasive discs from its surface is much easier without fear of damaging the softer materials often used to make the platen on other sanders. The inertia developed by the heavy platen and motor mean that the Disc Sander will take a long time to “spin down” after it is shut off. The DS20 features an easy-to-use hand brake that applies a specially formulated disc to the rear of the platen to safely stop it in seconds.

A full shroud below the table does a good job of evacuating dust from the lower half of the disc before it has a chance to come above the table. The shroud terminates in a 4” diameter port that makes connecting standard dust collector hose simple. We recommend a dust collector with a minimum 600 CFM capacity.

Also available with a 2hp, 1-phase motor.

  • Tough cast iron table that tilts 30° up and 45° down
  • Direct drive from motor to disc for maximum efficiency
  • Tilting table allows bevel sanding
  • Miter gauge for angle sanding
  • 20" sanding disc for larger workpieces
  • 4" port for connection to any dust collection system
  • Cast iron base for rigidity

Disc Diameter: 20"
Table Dimensions (W x D): 27-1/2" x 10-1/2"
Dust Collection Required (min.): 600 CFM
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Motor Amps: 9.8/4.9
Motor Phase: 3
Motor Power: 3hp
Style (Type): Disc

SKU: PM9-1791264