Powermatic DDS-237 37" Dual Drum Sander 7.5hp, 1ph, 230v

$ 8,599.99

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The Powermatic DDS-237 Dual Drum Sander is a production class machine that is loaded with features and available in configurations to suit your needs. This machine is equipped with a 7.5HP, 230V, 1Ph motor. All Powermatic Dual Drum Sanders are protected with a full magnetic On-Off switch.

Despite the compact 60” wide, 45” deep and 45” tall overall size, the DDS-237 has the capacity to handle a huge range of jobs from small to large. With a minimum board length of just 9”, a minimum thickness of 1/32” and maximum thickness of 5-1/4”, these sanders offer expansive job coverage.

Powermatic Dual Drum Sanders are enclosed in an all-steel cabinet. Compartments with latching doors at the bottom enclose the motor, drive systems and provide spacious storage. Removable panels provide good access to important systems when needed.

The full-width, hinged steel top opens to make working with the drums and roller systems easy. Built into the top are a pair of 4” diameter dust ports. These ports connect to specially designed directional baffles within the top that enhance the effectiveness of the dust evacuation. For maximum efficiency, a dust collector system with a minimum 1200 CFM capacity should be used.

Powermatic Dual Drum Sanders feature dual steel drums spinning at a consistent 1,700 RPM that are precisely machined and then given a hard durometer rubber coating that ensures a flat, non marring surface. These 6” diameter steel drums have the strength to resist flex during sanding for maximum accuracy and consistency.

A heavy cast iron table has been precisely machined to insure flatness. The table is raised and lowered on four jackscrews turned simultaneously by a slip-free chain drive. That chain drive also keeps the table level at all heights. The chain drive has an automatic tensioning system built in to reduce setup and adjustment. The table height system is operated by a large cast iron handwheel at the top of the sander.

The 1/4HP feed motor drives the conveyor belt and is controlled by a two-speed forward/reverse gearbox that produces feed rates of 8 and 12 SFPM (surface feet per minute). The gearbox can only be shifted between the low and high feed rates while the machine is running. The conveyor belt can also be reversed, using a separate three-position switch with forward, off and reverse positions.

Powermatic Dual Drum Sanders are designed with the industrial environment in mind. They are tough, easy to use and easy to maintain. Their wide capacity ranges mean one machine handles more jobs, making the Dual Drum Sanders a very cost-effective investment.

  • Dual drum head for superior finish
  • Dual dust ports with directional baffles for more efficient dust removal
  • Forward/reverse conveyor belt grips stock evenly
  • Full size cast iron table for solid support
  • Hard durometer rubber coating on steel drums provides flat, smooth finish
  • Independently adjustable rear drum for fine tuning
  • Two-speed gearbox for wide range of sanding projects 
  • The rear drum is independently adjustable, which allows fine-tuning, especially when it is equipped with a different grit paper than what is on the front drum
  • Handy chart on the cabinet below the adjustment that shows the correct settings for the various grits
  • Tracking adjusters on conveyor belt at either end of the table

Conveyor Speed (FPM): 8 and 12
Drum Diameter: 6"
Drum Length: 37"
Drum Speed (RPM): 1,700
Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM): 1,200
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Maximum Board Thickness: 5-1/4"
Maximum Board Width: 37"
Minimum Board Length: 9"
Minimum Board Thickness:1/32"
Motor Power (HP): 7-1/2
Style (Type): Dual Drum
Weight: 962 lbs.

SKU: PM9-1791320