Powermatic 37" Wide Belt Sander WB-37

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The Powermatic 37" Wide Belt Sander is designed to deliver ultra precise sanding and a flawless finish in the busy shop environment. Centralized controls grouped on one simple panel make operating this machine easier and safer. A variable speed feed conveyor, a special digital thickness readout control, and an auto thicknesser all make the WB-37 easy to use and more productive. Each Wide Belt Sander also comes with a tool box loaded with necessary tools for service and adjustment.

The WB-37 Wide Belt Sander uses three individual motors to maximize consistency and performance. The 20HP motor drives the sanding belt drive drums. A 1HP variable speed motor powers the feed belt. Finally, a 1/4HP motor supplies power to the system that moves the table up and down to vary thickness.

All frequently used controls are grouped on a centralized panel. This allows the operator to access them or to shut the machine down easily without having to move around the machine. The digital readout eliminates mistakes by displaying the exact thickness that has been entered. For safety, the POWERMATIC WB-37 Wide Belt Sander has a powerful disc brake that slows the machine quickly when it is off. It also stops it instantly in the event of an emergency when the exterior safety bar is depressed.

The WB-37 Wide Belt Sander comes with 100 and 180-grit belts. A large side door provides full access to the belt system and related controls. Even the belt platen is specially designed with a replaceable graphite pad that can be checked or replaced through the side door. The platen position can be adjusted to maximize sanding performance with the various wood species and conditions.

The feed conveyor belt is specially designed to provide smooth, consistent material movement for ultra-smooth sanded surfaces. The conveyor belt is driven by a variable speed motor that can be set to any speed within the 15 - 49 fpm (feet per minute) range. Feed rate adjustments are made using a dial on the conveyor motor, allowing the operator to set the best speed for the job.

The WB-37 Wide Belt Sander is equipped with sophisticated thicknessing controls that make its operation fast, simple and virtually error free. It handles stock up to 6" thick and as short as 12" and the control systems make using that range easy. The digital read out and keypad eliminates mistakes and allows ultra precise settings.

This machine has three, 5" diameter dust ports on the top that make connecting it to your dust system easy. A dust collection system with a minimum 1600 CFM is required. The exterior ports are connected to internal baffles that focus the collection power to keep the interior of the WB-37 Wide Belt Sander as clean as possible. That prolongs the life of the abrasive and keeps the machine running smoothly.

  • Centralized controls allow you to access all the needed buttons on one simple panel
  • Digital readout will show the user the exact thickness of the finished piece, or will allow you to preset exactly the thickness you prefer for the finished piece
  • The auto thicknesser will capture the piece of wood to give the user the exact starting thickness
  • Disc brake slows the machine quickly and will activate immediately to stop machine in an emergency
  • The pneumatic sensor system controls the sanding belt oscillation to prevent the belt from running off the ends of the drums, as well as use the sanding surface more uniformly without leaving sanding lines on the workpiece
  • The three motor system allows for maximum horsepower to independently power the sanding drums, the variable speed feed, and the feed table movement.
  • The variable speed feed belt allows you to accurately dial in the exact feed speed to best suit your project

Air Required 75:80
Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM): 1,600
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 5"
Feed Motor Power (HP): 1
Max. Board Thickness: 6"
Max. Board Width: 37"
Min. Board Length: 12"
Min. Board Thickness: 1/8"
Motor Phase: 3
Motor Power (HP): 20
Motor Voltage (V.): 230/460
Prewired Voltage (V.): 230
Recommended Circuit Size (Amps.): 70/35
Sanding Belt Speed (FPM): 2,625
Style (Type): Wide Belt Sander

  • Includes 2 Sanding belts, 100 and 180 Grit

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