Powermatic 31A Combination Belt/Disc Sander 2hp, 3PH

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The Powermatic 31A is designed to bring the power, accuracy, and versatility you need to breeze through the toughest of sanding tasks in many woodworking and metalworking applications. The combination of belt and disc sanding in one machine saves space and money while maximizing the capabilities of both abrasive types.

The 31A features either a 1.5hp or 3hp TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor mounted within the enclosed base cabinet. The motor delivers its power to the belt and disc units through a pair of precisely made and balanced pulleys using a quality V-belt. Belt tensioning adjustments are easily accessible through a large door on the rear of the enclosed base cabinet.

A built-in dust collection system helps keep your shop and the air within it cleaner. The dust collection system is fully ducted within the Powermatic 31A and terminates in a 4” diameter port near the bottom of the enclosed base cabinet. This built-in system is very efficient when combined with your dust collector - 300-400 CFM suggested.

The belt arm is built around a large iron casting for the maximum in strength and stability. The belt arm can be positioned anywhere from 0° (horizontal) to 90°. A “shot pin” is built in to index the arm at 0, 45 and 90°. The arm can be positioned at any angle between those presets and secured with the locking handle.

A curved (hinged) metal cover at the lower belt roller can be rotated out of the way for many types of contour sanding. This curved piece and the side cover are secured with finger knobs that make moving them out of the way for belt changes or cleaning a tool-free operation. All of the belt controls are also knob-operated so those adjustments are also tool-free and can be made quickly with minimal down time.

Set into a cast iron shroud and base, the 12” diameter, adhesive-backed disc mounts to an aluminum drive plate. That plate is accurately machined and balanced to insure smooth vibration and chatter-free sanding. The disc spins at approximately 2,380 RPM to provide a good balance between material removal power and fine sanding control.

If you need a solid, full-featured, fully capable sanding machine, the Powermatic 31A Belt/Disc Sander will handle your needs today and in the future.

  • 12" Disc is balanced for flat, even coverage
  • 6" x 48" sanding belt can be changed and adjusted quickly and easily
  • Belt and disc tables are precision ground cast iron with miter slots for precision and rigidity
  • Belt table tilts down to 45°, and can be set for beveled and mitered angle sanding
  • Full cast iron platen with solid crowned aluminum drums for smooth sanding belt movement and support
  • Multi-position belt head locks at any angle from 0° to 90°; includes indexing pin for 0, 45°, and 90° stops
  • Versatile belt and disc sanding allows for multiple sanding angles
  • Removable work stop mounted on the belt arm prevents the piece from being thrown off when the belt is in the horizontal position
  • Inlet ports are designed to be “always on” to help minimize airborne dust without compromising the collection efficiency at the portion being used
  • Large fence can be mounted in various positions on belt to accommodate a wide range of sanding needs

Disc Diameter: 12"
Disc Speed (RPM): 2,375
Base Dimensions (W x D x H): 20" x 17" x 27-1/2"
Belt Dimensions (W x L): 6" x 48"
Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM): 400
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Motor Amps: 7/3.5
Motor Phase: 3
Motor Power: 2hp
Net Weight: 246 lbs.

SKU: PM9-1791292K

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