Festool Support Harness for PLANEX Sanders

$ 289

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For Festool PLANEX Sanders.

The optional Festool support harness is an excellent choice if you work overhead for extended periods. The fully adjustable harness has a pouch that holds the PLANEX Drywall Sander handle and an auxiliary handle to reduce fatigue and improve control. Includes the harness, mounting pole and auxiliary handle in a SYS Gen 3 XXL 237 Systainer.

  • Working aid for sanding ceilings with PLANEX LHS 225 EQ
  • Enables continual, ergonomic working progress and a healthy working environment
  • Reaches ceilings 8.5' in height when combined with an extension
  • Adjustable to user height of 3.3' to 6.2'
  • Additional symmetrical handle for one or two-handed guidance
  • Simple attachment and removal without requiring tools
  • (1) Harness
  • (1) additional side-mounted hand grip
  • Systainer

SKU: 576802