SCM Minimax S 45 N 18" Band Saw 2.5hp, 1PH, 230V

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SCM’s longest selling bandsaw, the S 45N set the bar high for quality bandsaws. This machine has 18” cast iron flywheels, and a large cast-iron table. With 12” resaw height it is also versatile to do either pattern work, or resawing operations! This machine has been a reliable tool in the Minimax lineup for over 30 years.

The Minimax S 45N has large diameter, cast iron wheels. These wheels are perfectly balanced and true. The cast-iron creates a “fly wheel” effect aiding the tooling through the material being cut. A rigid aluminum fence has two positions for high and low operations. The fence is easily removed from the table without removing the blade, and the cast-iron knuckle assures that it will remain rigid once locked down.

This machine comes standard with a mobility kit. The wheels are internal, and when not in use the machine rests flat on the floor’s surface. When you pull the lever at its base, the wheels engage and the machine is able to be pulled easily for relocation in your shop. Also, the large cast iron table is able to tilt to 45°! It tilts on a trunnion mechanism and can lock at any variable degree in between - this makes the bandsaw more useful and versatile over the long term.

Also included is a standard with miter gauge for performing angled cuts across the table surface. The cast-iron table has a groove into which the gauge slides moving your angled material through the blade. Adjustable roller bearing guides are perfect for small to medium width blades and perform flawlessly.

The Minimax S 45N has a dust outlet immediately below the cast iron table to allow for the dust to flow directly from the cut point and out of the machine cabinet. A zero clearance insert allows the blade to pass through, while forcing the dust out the dust chute.

  • 12” resaw capacity
  • 2.5 Hp single-phase motor
  • Carter-style roller bearing guides
  • Magnetic starter with overload protection
  • Precision fence assembly with high/low feature
  • Cast iron table
  • Cast iron 18” flywheels
  • Tool set & owner’s manual
  • Rack-and-pinion guidepost adjustment
  • Cast-Iron trunion with three locking levers
  • Integrated Mobility Kit – Retractable into machine

    Table size: 23.5” x 20.5”
    Table height: 35”
    Table tilting range: 0 - 45
    Blade width capacity: 1/16" to 1.0"
    Max. cutting height: 12"
    Max. cutting width: 17.25"
    Blade length: 146"
    Shipping weight: 520 lbs.
    Net weight: 444 lbs.
    Motor (Single-phase 230v): 2.5hp
    Recommended circuit: 20 amp
    Dust port diameter: 120 mm
    Dust extraction volume: 500 CFM

    • Mobility kit
    • Tool set
    • Owner's manual


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