SCM Minimax ME 40ETR Edge Bander - 3 Phase

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The Minimax ME 40ETR is a 3-phase automatic edge bander with great flexibility for both thin and thick edges. It intends to bridge the gap between a traditional small to midsize edge bander to the more robust equipment used in the Classical line of products. One of the key features is the pre-mill. There is no competition in the U.S. market for such a small, versatile machine, with pre-mill that is so economical!

The Minimax ME 40ETR pre-mill unit utilizes two 80 mm diameter diamond tools with opposing rotation and timed intervention that, through the removal operation, corrects any panel imperfections caused by the saw cutting process and panel storage. This allows for a clean edge and a good lineal finish during the pre-mill process. Pre-milling comes with an independent exhaust and air blower for cleaning of the panel during the process. You can carry out vertical adjustments of the tools for use even into the final sharpening phase.

Designed for a perfect finish, the ME 40ETR eliminates transfer marks onto the workpiece. 9 meter/min panel feed speed with track movement for increased productivity. Monitoring of the panel position is done by an encoder for total work cycle control. 

The two stage full corner rounding end-cutting unit cuts and rounds the edge in a single pass at the end of the panel. Driven directly from the control panel it is possible to work with only the end cutting function for thin tape, and 3 mm thick banding or wood. This is the first unit in its class to have this advanced engineering, this small of a footprint, and overall capabilities at a price point that allows the small to medium-sized shop to compete.

The Minimax 40ETR comes with the Eye-S, a touch screen control panel loaded with features to make edge banding applications easy. It allows you to choose the type of material you’re working with (MDF, chipboard, etc.), set the height and thickness of material, and adjust the glue temperature and type, among other things. All edge banding functions are shown graphically on the screen, so it leaves little room for errors or confusion.

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  • Intuitive EYE-S Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Unmatched reliability thanks to the high frequency motors
  • Pre-milling unit allows four levels of removal (0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2 mm)
  • Interchangeable glue pot is Teflon coated to allow for easy clean up and easy glue replacement
  • Cutters are designed for straight or radius trimming of any type of edge
  • Edge thickness is easily set by means of two numerical readouts
  • 9 meter/min panel feed speed with track movement for increased productivity
  • Buffing station includes high frequency motors and is vertically adjustable for cleaning and polishing the edge

Worktable dimensions: 136.4” x 28” (3,465 mm x 710 mm)
Min / max thickness of rolled edges: 0.4 - 3 mm
Max thickness of edges in strips: Up to 5 mm
Min. – max. panel height: 8 mm - 50 mm (.315” – 1.96”)
Min panel length/width: 190 mm/110 mm (7.48”/4.33”)
Feed motor power: .73hp (.55 kW)
Feed speed: 9 m/min (29.5 fpm)
Operating temperature: 68° - 374°F (20° - 190°C)

Pre-Milling Unit
Motor power: 3hp (2.2 kW)
Diamond cutter: Ø 80mm Z2 H=56
Blade rotation speed: 7,200 RPM
Stock removal: 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 mm

Glue Pot Unit
Motor power:
 .33hp (.25 kW)
Glue capacity: 1.76 lbs. (.8 kg)

End Cutting Unit
Motor power:
 .25hp (.19 kW)
End cutting blade: Ø 125 mm Z12
Blade rotation speed: 12,000 RPM

Trimming Unit
Upper/lower motor power: 2x .47hp (.35 kW)
Widia cutters: Ø 55.3 mm Z3
Cutters rotational speed: 12,000 RPM
Vertical/horizontal copying devices: Rotating/rotating

Brushing Unit
Motor power (each):
 .18hp (.14 kW)
Rotation speed: 2,800 RPM
Electrical: 3-phase, 220V
Pneumatic operating pressure: 6.5 bar
Exhaust Outlet pre-milling unit diameter (x2): 60 mm (2.36”)
Exhaust Outlet glue pot unit diameter: 80 mm (3.15”)
Exhaust Outlet Diameter (x2): 120 mm (2.36”)

  • Panel Edge Trimming Unit
  • 2 mm tooling
  • Interchangeable gluing unit with auto-sensory cooling to avoid burning of glue
  • Glue spreading roller with electrical resistance inside provides a uniform glue spread at maximum working temperature
  • End Cutting Unit with high frequency motor for best finishing
  • End Trim Unit with front and vertical copying wheels and high frequency motors to generate high cutter rotating speeds
  • Cutters designed for straight or full-corner rounding with numerical readout setup
  • Radius Scrape for use on PVC/ABS edges with user-friendly exclusion of the device when not in use
  • Brushing Unit for removal of excess glue on the panel edge/joint


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