SCM Minimax ME 20 Automatic Edgebander

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Stable and steady, the Minimax ME 20 platform is a stainless steel mono-block base. Panels feed with high precision along the friction-free worktable. Rollers facilitate panel processing and the patented feed belt moves the panels through effortlessly and smoothly. All stations are adjusted with a digital mechanical readout for reference, and panel processing is fully automatic with all operating units synchronized.

Coiled PVC banding is easily loaded automatically into the machine, and the guillotine cuts the material precisely to size. The glue is heated rapidly and evenly to maintain the optimal glue temperature. PLC controls keep the temperature constant unless in “stand by” mode, which lowers the temperature without turning off the machine. The glue spreader applies the glue evenly and the two pressure rollers make sure the material is applied evenly to the panel.

Pressure is adjusted with numerical readout and automatic positioning of the upper operating units according to the panel height. The guillotine end trimmer is extremely precise and helps guarantee a clean, accurate cut on the leading and trailing edges of the panel being processed. The process is completely automatic and the cut is referenced directly from the panel via micro-switches, so there is no need for adjustment when running different length panels.

The top and bottom trimming units are automatic and manually adjustable. These trimmers consist of high-polished chrome plated copy shoes which ensure a smooth and accurate profile that provides a scratch resistant surface for delicate materials. The control panel is located on the front of the machine in an ergonomic position. This unit is used to control all of the machines functions quickly and intuitively.

The Minimax ME 20 has an adjustable infeed fence with numeric readout for the edge thickness which offers precise and quick positioning. Each station on the edge bander is easily adjustable and repeatable through the use of mechanical digital readouts. Easily input the dimensions you are processing and fine tune them.

By taking note of the positions for the different panels you run, you can easily change the settings on the fly for any change in operation. The Minimax ME 20 is made even more versatile with this feature. The machine can now handle panels up to 50 mm thick. That is almost 2 inches in thickness!

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  • Self-lubricating glue pot allows for more extensive use and reduced maintenance time
  • 4-line LCD display with soft touch pushbuttons, LED light indicators, and glue pot temperature adjustment
  • SCM-exclusive panel conveying track
  • High rigidity ribbed steel machine frame guarantees excellent support
  • Friction-free worktable with 3 rollers
  • Exhaust outlet dedicated to glue smokes
  • Panel feed via a top feeder with high-adherence toothed belt with steel cables inside
  • Anodized aluminum outfeed fence
  • Panel support roller, which can be extended the entire length of the machine

Banding thickness: 1/64” - 1/16” (0.4 mm - 2 mm)
Panel thickness: .47” - 1.96” (12 mm - 50 mm)
Min. Panel length/width with rolled edges: 7.08” / 2.56” (180 mm / 65 mm)
Min. panel length (frontal end cutting only): 4.72” (120 mm)
Worktable dimensions: 76.7” x 7” (1950 mm x 180 mm)
Worktable height: 35.5” (904 mm)
Front extension to worktable: 12.2” (310 mm)
Max. thickness of edges in strips: .19” (5 mm)
Feed motor power: .33 Hp (.25 kW)
Feed rate: 19.68 ft/min (6m/min)
Operating temperature: 68°F - 374°F (20°C - 190°C)

Glue Pot Unit
Motor power: .24 Hp (.18 kW)
Glue capacity: 1.1 lbs. (.5 kg)

Trimming Unit
Motor power: .7 Hp (.55 kW)
Widia cutter dia.: Ø 75mm Z4
Top/bottom trimmer rotation speed: 12,000 RPM
Motor: Single-phase, 230v
Compressed air requirement: 6.5 bar
Exhaust outlet diameter (base): 4.72” (120 mm)
Exhaust outlet diameter (glue pot): 2.36” (60 mm)
Recommended duty cycle: 3 hours
Shipping weight: 796 lbs.

  • Pre-mill diamond cutters
  • Radius tooling set (2 mm)
  • Toolbox


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