MicroJig MJ SPLITTER STEELPRO Thin Kerf Splitters

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Are you tired of struggling with table saw splitters that are difficult to install, align, and use? The wait is over! The MJ SPLITTER STEELPRO is a game-changing table saw splitter that combines ease of use, robustness, and safety like never before.

Forget about guesswork and frustration. The precision drill guide ensures a fool-proof installation process for the MJ SPLITTER STEELPRO on your Zero Clearance insert. Achieve perfect alignment every time, making your woodworking projects smoother and more enjoyable.

Constructed with a 100% polycarbonate shell reinforced by a solid stainless steel core, the MJ SPLITTER STEELPRO is designed to withstand the stress caused by cutting even the toughest solid woods. Say goodbye to kickback and wood burning and enjoy a safer, more efficient table saw experience.

You can choose the perfect setup for your project with four SteelPro Splitters and four Kerf Keepers in each package. The "+" markings on each Splitter represent different offsets (0.003'' to 0.009''), allowing you to fine-tune your table saw for precise cuts.

Our Kerf Keepers are designed to stop binding caused by warping reactive solid wood. Always use the correct MJ Splitter SteelPro for your kerf range (0.090'' to 0. 118'') and enjoy smooth, 90-degree cuts every time. Designed for 3/32" thin kerf saw blades.

  • Precision drill guide aligns your drill with the dead center of your kerf by registering off of the kerf itself
  • Used in tandem to fill entire kerf
  • Adjustable offset and orientation to ensure the kerf remains open
Weight: 0.45 lbs.
Offsets: Reversible for offsets of 0.000”, 0.003”, 0.006”, and 0.009”
Kerf Range (Table Saw): 0.090 - 0.118” (kerf), 90º cut angle
Requirements: Table Saw, Zero-clearance insert with at least 2" behind blade at highest point
    • (4) Thin Kerf Splitters
    • (4) Kerf Keepers
    • Drill Guide
    • 5/32" Drill Bit
    • Screws

    SKU: SP-2TK

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