Lamello Clamex S-20 Connectors

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Compatible with the Lamello Classic X or any biscuit joiner.

Clamex S-20 is a detachable Lamello system connector for use in materials as thin as 8 mm and is fastened in the groove with screws. The 4 mm grooves may be created with any biscuit joiner. Clamex S-20 is joined by a cam lock and it requires no adhesive, enables aesthetic connections at all angles, and is ideal for fixed or detachable connections.


  • Knock down connector for furniture, shelf units, kitchen manufacturing etc.
  • May be used in thin materials
  • Gluing aid for miters and unusual angles
  • Connector for detachable elements in store fixtures and exhibit construction
  • Powerful alternative to standard connecting fittings
  • Rapid prototype construction before starting new product lines
  • On-site adjustments and assembly

  • Ready-to-assemble connector with minimal tool opening of only 6mm
  • Detachable miter connector for 30-180° angles and all butt joints
  • Can be installed with any biscuit joiner
  • Stackable for transport with connectors pre-installed
  • High clamping force of up to 136lbs.

Size: 59 x 12 x 3.9 mm
Cutter: Ø 100 x 4 x 22
Tensile strength (particle board): 107 lbs.
Tensile strength (beech): 136 lbs.


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